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The Secret of Ella and Micha Book Review (2021)

Jessica Sorensen

Famous writer Jessica Sorensen hails from the icy mountains situated in Wyoming, United States of America. Sorensen is a notable American writer, whose works have frequently been featured on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

One of the most noteworthy facts about Sorensen is the fact that she is credited for causing ripples in the New Adult genre. Accordingly, the genres of focus in Sorensen’s works are New Adult, Young Adult, and Fantasy.

The Secret of Ella and Micha Book

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Jessica Sorensen is an authoress that has a special penchant for authoring series. As of yet, the writer has published ten series. These include the following – The Coincidence series (you can learn more about one book of the series in our The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden review), The Secret, Nova, Unraveling You, Darkness Falls, Death Collectors, Shattered Promises, Unbeautiful, Death Collectors, and her Fallen Star series. To this day, Sorensen has published merely one, single standalone novel, named The Forgotten Girl.

When she is in the mood for relaxing and tries to take some time away from writing – Sorensen writes quite a lot –, she likes to be with her family and have fun, as well as taking an afternoon off just for reading. Having said all of this, we can now give our book review.

The Secret Series

This book is perhaps the most complete novel that authoress Jessica Sorensen has written. It only takes a few pages for the reader to know what they are in for: a ride entirely unlike any other. It is a part of Jessica Sorensen’s The Secret series. The Secret has four primary novels in its composition and three tie-in novels, as well. It was published in the year of 2012.

The main characters of the series, as the title surely implies, are Micha and Ella. The two of them have been completely inextricable ever since they were mere children; they have been the best of friends for as long as their memories can go back. They were daring even as kids, unwilling to sit still and be passive.

Driven Apart

Their time together was a blissful one, but it sadly had to come to an end. A single happening in the life of Ella drove them apart. Ella fell into the dark waters of affliction, remorse, and self-reproach. In her mind, there is but a single way to save herself and not sink deeper towards the deep sea of breaking completely down. Ella goes away.

The Phoenix Ash Analogy

She doesn’t just leave Micha, but all of the things that she has become used to, all of the people that she liked, and nothing short of everything. Her intention is to bury the Ella of old, the one whose heart bled uncontrollably, who always let guilt get the better of her, and to raise a new Ella.

This Ella would learn how to live her life without becoming a slave to feelings. While there is no way for her to change what’s happened and the deeper sentiments she bears, she can at least numb the plight and sorrow. Ella has decided to regain control of her life. Unfortunately, to attain this perspective, she has to let go of what she has loved more than anything else, her Micha.

Isolation Ends

Her time in isolation, spent at college, had to come to an end eventually. The signal to this seclusion period came as summer drew nearer. Ella finally makes her way back home. The fears in her persist that everything she’s worked very hard to attain – the sense of control over her life – will be rendered moot once memories rush back.

After all, Micha is but a door away from her home. If no one else, then Micha surely has the power to revert her back to the vulnerable person she once was. Micha knows all there is to know about Ella; all of her secrets, anxieties, and insecurities. Being as confident and enthusiastic as he is, Micha is dead-set on getting his best friend back. This book can also be found in our selection of the best friend romance books.

A Lover’s Return to a Warm Embrace

The story from then on follows the two estranged friends. Quite similarly to when one pulls the ends of an elastic band, at a certain the ends either break or they come together in a powerful union like the return of love in the hearts of two lovers. No one on the face of this world, or the next for that matter, knows Ella likes Micha knows her and vice versa.

They embrace the fact that they’ve missed each other and their time away only pulls them together more than ever. As the point of view switches from Micha’s to Ella’s and back to Micha’s, we see the unceasing love that they feel for one another.

Heartwarming Story

It is a genuinely heartwarming, touching, and gripping feeling to see so much pain dissipate by the light of a little touch, caress, or kiss. There are not many love stories with the intensity or power like the one that Ella and Micha have.

What may their secret be? Well, our The Secret of Ella and Micha book review can’t reveal everything, but we can recommend picking up the book if your interest has been piqued. The Secret series of Jessica Sorensen has more stories to tell. Her Unravelling You series is also a great read.

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