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Sex and Violence in Hollywood Book Review (2021)

Ray Garton

This thrilling novel is the work of one of the most experienced authors, typically of the horror genre, Ray Garton. Ray writes phenomenal horror stories and the occasion thriller, but his thrillers prove to be something so unique that they might even top his horror novels.

Never Boring

The things that you get to read about in this novel by Ray will definitely bring a lot of excitement and almost never make you feel bored by the content inside. Make sure you know what you are getting into by reading this book review of Sex and Violence in Hollywood. For more amazing books written by this talented author, take a look at our selection of the best Ray Garton books!

Sex and Violence in Hollywood Book

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Sex and Violence in Hollywood 8.42/10 541 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Affairs and Violence

So, the title says it all actually, much of the book is filled with passionate affairs, lots of sex, an abundance of violence, deceit, crimes, a lot of lying, and a few characters that are going to stir up so much drama that you would want to read the book again after finishing it.

Courtroom Session

The main event of the book is a courtroom session where the defendant is definitely guilty, he knows it, and a lot of others know, but his attorney does absolutely everything, tries every trick in the book to try and win the case. Actually, the case that you get to read about in this book is very similar to O. J. Simpson’s case.


Among the many characters that you get to meet in this entangled web of sex, drugs, crime, and affairs are the female judge of this case who witnesses a lot of celebrities in her courtroom, some interesting prosecuting attorneys, Rona Horowitz who proves to be a very unique defense lawyer, and the main character of the story, Adam Julian.

You will get to know all about this most interesting character in this Sex and Violence in Hollywood book review. We covered even more of Garton’s books, you can take a look at our Meds book review or Murder Was My Alibi book review.


Adam has the life that countless people wish they had and would kill for what he has. He is the son of a successful film producer and does hate his father a lot for a few reasons. More importantly, he has quite the daily excitement and fun events as he is sleeping with his hated father’s new wife and her underage but very intriguing daughter Alyssa.

This girl ends up as being another reason for a few more sessions that we get to read about that happen in the courtroom again. These are not even all of the characters that this book by Ray Garton shows you.


A few more interesting characters include a porn filmmaker who proves to be very disturbing, a wild explosives maker that gets a bit involved in the story, and Adam’s fat friend who is down on his luck. He winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time as he happens to be screaming loudly outside with a very realistic looking water pistol in his hands right when two nervous cops happen to be walking nearby.

Read about all of these exciting drama-filled events for yourself as you take a look at this thrilling novel by Ray Garton. Now you can also check out our articles about his other books, such as The Girl in the Basement book review or Trailer Park Noir book review.

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