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The Shape Of Her Book Review (2021)

Rowan Somerville

The Shape of Her is an intriguing novel by author Rowan Somerville that is filled with plenty of sexual and erotic scenes as well as a fictional story that will prove perfect for the women audience.

Holiday in Greece

However, the story is for everyone who likes to read tales of love and what it takes to be in a committed relationship, and on top of that, this story by Somerville adds quite the interesting twists as a couple in love sets off on their holiday in Greece. Find out what we tell you about this novel in our book review of The Shape of Her.

The Shape of Her Book

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Romance With a Twist

This intense fiction book by Rowan Somerville definitely hits the spot for young couples who enjoy reading romantic novels but with a twist, just like this one proves to be. The story talks about a young couple in love, Tina and Max, somewhere in their twenties as they visit Tina’s old childhood destination for the holidays, a beautiful house on an amazing Greek island.

Just a Normal Couple

As you first meet this couple in the book itself and in The Shape of Her book review, these two people seem like the normal couple who just wants to go on a romantic vacation alone, but as soon as they arrive, things immediately become tense and the main area that gets affected is the bedroom, if you know what we mean. Tina gets super cranky for an unknown reason and becomes paranoid that the house is being watched.


All of the tension that these two experience may be as a result of the fact that this is their very first serious relationship and they are getting pretty nervous that they have taken this step. You will definitely find out what it is as you read the book for yourself.

Anyway, Max, on the other hand, is pretty calm at the start, but you quickly get to know him on a more personal level as the book tends to throw you in a few flashbacks to his past as the author explains parts of his childhood.

Special Attention

Rowan takes special attention to Max as we find out more about what kind of person he is. We read that he had a rough childhood because of his dyslexia, but despite this fact, thanks to a lot of hard work and a talented mind,

Max manages to receive a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school and he finally learns how difficult and lonely it is to be away from the only people that he loves in this world.


As things come back to the present again, this holiday was planned to be the perfect romantic getaway filled with passion and sex, but from what you can see in this The Shape of Her book review, it looks like it is turning into a nightmare as the fights and tension just can’t seem to stop. Find out how things turn out between Max and Tina as you read the book for yourself.

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