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The Shore of Women Book Review (2021)

Pamela Sargent

Pamela Sargent, the author of this novel, introduces us to an amazing feminist science fiction book that revolves around a plot where women finally rule over men which we will cover in more detail in our book review of The Shore of Women. Pamela Sargent is a brilliant author who has received a variety of awards for her amazing novels such as the Nebula Award, the Locus Award, and a few others.

No Men at All

In this story, she captures a world that many women will definitely find exciting and thrilling to read about as they are the rulers of that world where men do not have a say whatsoever. We covered this book in our article about the 5 best Pamela Sargent books. Don’t hesitate to check it out.

The Shore of Women Book

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Post-Nuclear World

What you get from this book review of The Shore of Women, is a quick look at the overall plot of the story and a little glance at some of the brilliant and complex characters in the novel. Pamela writes about a world, not just any old normal world, a post-nuclear one where after this devastating disaster nothing is the same anymore.

Not just in terms of devastation and ruins, but regarding the fact that men have been rendered not fit to perform intelligent tasks anymore and are being cast out from the cities that women have managed to build for themselves.


Women think of men as savages, completely undependable and unpredictable beasts that cannot be trusted anymore, while on the other hand, men now see women as goddesses who they worship and are a bit afraid of as well.

Women also fear the day when men come back into their lives again as free beings while they worship female goddesses of their own in sacred shrines, hoping that this day never comes. The only time that men can see the women and enter the cities is when they are being summoned for something and then and only then can they have contact with women.

Interesting Relationship

As the story progresses and you now know the relationship between men and women from our review of The Shore of Women book, a new character is introduced to the plot. She is a reckless woman, a rebellious one who never does as she is told and after a series of events is cast outside the walled cities, to survive on her own and never come back. 

Everyone thinks that Birana is weak and will not survive the wilderness, but she proves them wrong as she overcomes hard obstacles and meets a man who she falls in love with. Both of them finally see the true nature of each other and continue to be together as the story goes on.

Something Different

This story is truly something different than you normally get to see in the average science fiction novel, but Pamela has definitely made sure that this is no average novel as she has come up with the perfect feminist plot and the perfect characters to fit that plot very nicely. If you like what you see in our book review of The Shore of Women, then don’t hesitate to take a look at the whole book.

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