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Siduri’s Net Book Review (2021)

Cloudships of Orion

Siduri’s Net is part of the fascinating Trilogy by Paula E. Downing, who wrote this book under a pseudonym “P. K. McAllister”, called Cloudships of Orion. The book series features two other books that follow this one, Maia’s Veil and Orion’s Dagger.

Paula E. Downing

Paula E. Downing is an experienced science fiction author that always manages to surprise with new and interesting ideas for books that bring exciting adventures that further introduce the most amazing of characters.

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Connected Books

You get to see what kinds of books Paula E. Downing writes and what this book specifically is about in this book review of Siduri’s Net. For even more reviews of her amazing books, you can take a look at our A Whisper of Time book review or Fallway book review.

So, as we mentioned, this novel is a part of two others that form a Trilogy. The books throughout the series are all very connected and where one story ends, the next one continues directly. What makes this Trilogy super exciting and fun to read, especially for big science fiction fans, is the thrilling adventures that the characters in all of the three novels go on.

Exciting and Dangerous

Aside from the adventures being exciting, they are also very dangerous as you will see now from our book review of Siduri’s Net, but Downing doesn’t start them out with a huge threat as they tend to reveal much of that later on, Downing begins her stories with peaceful worlds that later become involved in some dangerous situations.

Earth’s Gypsies

In this particular case, you get to see how the exciting series starts with the introduction of a species of descendants of Earth’s gypsies. The name of the novel comes from the amazing and advanced ship you get to read about, called Siduri’s Net.

The crew of these gypsies inside it has a mission that they had been carrying out for generations, searching the vast space for all sorts of mineral treasures, power sources, particles that have the ability to power huge vessels, and so much more that they find in their thrilling and wondrous journey throughout space.

Sailmaster Pov Janusz

You also get to meet a lot of interesting characters even from the first book itself of the Trilogy like Sailmaster Pov Janusz. He is the one that continues the tradition and existence of his ancestors in this search for treasures and he is the one who guides the crew of the ship Siduri’s Net.

But, it’s not all relaxing and straightforward as it has been so far in our Siduri’s Net book review. The time eventually comes where the characters of this book run into some trouble that we won’t spoil the excitement of in this review.

Exciting Read

Rest assured that the excitement in reading this book has just begun as you get to see where this story takes the characters that you meet in it and how it all ends so that it can continue in the second book, Maia’s Veil. We covered some of Downing’s other books. Check out our reviews of Flare Star book and Rinn’s Star book.

Overall, Siduri’s Net definitely proves to be an exciting book that is a part of an even more exciting Trilogy. If you like the first book, then you won’t be able to wait to take a look and finish the other two from the series Cloudhships of Orion.

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