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Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Book Review (2021)

Rebecca Albertalli

Superb authoress Rebecca Albertalli was born on the 17th of November, 1982, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Rebecca is a very capable American writer, primarily of Young Adult novels.


Albertalli’s novels have been featured on bestseller lists, but they have received a number of awards, as well. For instance, Rebecca was awarded the German Youth Literature Prize in 2017 and the American Library Association’s William C. Morris Award in 2015, for her brilliant book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Book

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Education and Career

Rebecca as we noted, was born and raised in Atlanta. Albertalli had one sibling, a sister named Caroline. Rebecca was brought up in a household of Progressive Judaism. Rebecca went to Wesleyan University, majoring in psychology. She, then, relocated to Washington D. C. so as to acquire her Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

She much liked the work, as she was a psychologist for a number of years, but she had to resign in 2012 as she had become pregnant. This was when Albertalli got the idea to write her first novel. Jaclyn Moriarty, the Australian authoress, was the inspiration for Rebecca to take up novel writing.


A number of Albertalli’s, before it is all said and done, will have been adapted into full-length movies. At the present moment, Rebecca Albertalli resides in the Atlanta metropolitan area along with her spouse Ben, and their children, Henry and Owen. Having noted all of that, we can now take a look at our book review.

Creekwood Series

This novel is through and through one of the most invigorating and absorbing reads to have come out in the last decade. Accordingly, the story is perhaps the best that Rebecca Albertalli has penned thus far. It is also a part of Albertalli’s series named Creekwood. Creekwood is comprised of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Leah on the Offbeat. This book was published in the year of 2015. You can learn more about the book in our selection of the best gay romance books.

The main character is none other than Simon Spier. Simon Spier with his sixteen years of age is a homosexual, though he isn’t exactly frank or blunt about this aspect of his life. In fact, not many people know that Simon is gay and, for the time being, Simon would prefer if he could keep it that way.

Out of the Limelight

To be precise, Simon has been keeping his sexual preferences out of the limelight for a number of years, now. However, one day on the website named Tumblr, a person named, ominously enough, Blue makes a blog post about his own sexuality. What’s more is that it’s the school’s blog, and Simon is instantly intrigued.

Simon makes the first move and before he knows it, he and Blue are talking by way of emailing each other. Simon feels good about himself seeing that he found someone with similar tendencies and admirations as him. His joy is short-lived, sadly.


Simon goes to school with this one person named Martin. Martin can be exceedingly goofy, as well as a very unpleasant person. One day, Martin happens to come by the emails that Simon and Blue were exchanging, he captures them via screenshots.

Now, what is Martin going to do with this highly incriminating evidence? Oh, of course, he blackmails Simon. If Simon doesn’t aid Martin in the mission to get with one of Simon’s close friends – a girl named Abby –, then the particulars about Simon’s sexuality are to be revealed to the whole school.

Closer Every Day

Now, Simon is in quite the doozy, wouldn’t one agree? He struggles to keep his sexuality under wraps, the dynamic in the very tight circle of his friends is experiencing a shift of sorts, the interactions with this Blue person is progressing finely as each day they get closer – they have begun to flirt and exchange flirtatious quips with one another –, and now he has to worry about Martin and his deplorable means to get with one of Abby.

He has to do all of this while going to school, trying not to hurt anyone of his friends, juggle things back home, and maintain the first chance he’s had at a genuine and real relationship.

The Merits of the Story

The first half of the novel, namely the initial one-hundred or so pages, can be somewhat slow, but that is all with the intent on setting things up so that they can reach their tremendous climax during the following two-hundred pages.

Another thing that the novel did brilliantly was keep the identity of Blue a mystery, and kept us guessing the whole time. The characters, as well, are all wonderfully fleshed out and their dispositions come to full effect once we get going; Nick, Leah, and Abby are great and they are true friends.

Noteworthy, too, is the fact that Simon’s parents are one of the most endearing and satisfying examples of how a family dynamic is to be portrayed or just be.

Entertaining Story

The story is an entirely entertaining and drawing one. One scarcely finds himself not paying attention, but more often staring in a focused manner so as to understand what the next twist entails. Our Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda book review speaks volumes about our feelings for the novel.

Leah on the Offbeat follows one of the best friends of Simon. The reader will certainly find her story an engaging one, too.

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