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Sipping from the Nile Book Review (2021) – My Exodus from Egypt

Jean Naggar

This is a novel in which author Jean Naggar has described most of her life in and out of Egypt. It is an autobiography about Jean in which she spares no detail and greatly focuses on the worst year of her life in which a huge change happened to her and to her family.

The year that they were forced to exile, leaving Egypt and her whole history. As you read this book review of Sipping from the Nile: My Exodus from Egypt, you will get to meet Jean and find out a lot about her as you go along.

Sipping from the Nile Book

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Secure Life

Before the terrible change, Jean Naggar was actually lucky enough to be born in a wealthy family who provided her with everything she had ever desired. She truly had a glamorous life filled with joy and happiness, but most importantly, freedom.

Amazing Narrative

She manages to do a wonderful job as she writes the book with amazing narrative, everything from her family’s history to her wonderful life that she used to have in Egypt is mentioned, and eventually comes the part of the exodus when many people were forced to leave Egypt, their homes, and everything they had ever known.

Taking It Slow

What makes the book so interesting is that she does not immediately jump to the main part of the story, her exile, she takes her time to describe her previous life in big detail as she seems like she enjoyed it a lot.

Her family, the Mosseri is a banking family who lived a good life on the banks of the Nile. Jean lived in a mansion where she had her own servants and by what you get to read about their wealth, it looks like she was never short of anything.

Get to Know Her

Amazing descriptions of her own personality come in the following pages as they allow you to get to know Jean a lot better, she explains the holidays that they had, the food that was served, the fun that was had. She talks about her taste in music and literature, that she was in love with writing.

Also mentioned are the even better times when the Mosseri family loved to travel and go to prestigious places, luxurious hotels and restaurants, and some of the finest stores around. The photos that are spread around the book also help a lot with understanding the story in your imagination.


After all of this happiness and joy comes the part that presents a huge bump in Jean’s life that we mention in this Sipping from the Nile book review. The year 1956 was when it all happened, the exodus, something she had never expected in her life and something that she has never experienced.

But even after all of the struggles that she, her family, and countless Jewish people experienced, Jean managed to get her life back on track by moving to New York and starting her own successful literary agency.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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