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The Sky Warden and the Sun Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams

This novel is the second one that belongs to a series called The Change by author Sean Williams. Sean is mostly known for his outstanding fantasy and science fiction novels that never disappoint with the excitement of the plots discussed inside.

The Change Series

This trilogy series by him contains a story of great adventures and mostly follows the lives of two characters who you will get to meet and find out all about them in this book review of The Sky Warden and the Sun.

The Sky Warden and the Sun Book

Sal and Shilly

The story continues right where the first book of the series, The Stone Mage and the Sea, left off. We follow around the same two characters that were through so much even in the first book, Sal and Shilly. Now their lives are no better when they started off, completely homeless and on the run,

Sal has no idea what to do next, but Shilly has had her mind set for a long time that she would find Lodo’s old teacher and learn everything she can from that wise old man. Before they do that, they first must reach a place called the Interior.

Completely Alone

Since they both have lost all the family that they have had and are now left completely alone and only have each other, they need to go to Interior to seek protection with the Stone Mages since they are still on the run from the Sky Wardens.

You will definitely find a lot more about these characters than just what you see in this The Sky Warden and the Sun book review as Sean has done a wonderful job at describing them in such a fashion that they would start meaning a lot to the readers.

Difficult Journey

Most of the story that you get to read in this second book of the Change series is about their journey, a difficult and long one indeed as the Sky Warden Shom Behenna is close on their trail.

After many pages of reading, these two finally reach the Interior and now have a new task, convincing the Mage to take them in and teach them his ways. In this new chapter of their lives, they meet the Mage’s son, Skender.

It Gets Complicated

Just as you might start thinking that the events in the book have calmed down from our book review of The Sky Warden and the Sun, you read about how Shom Behenna has found a way to track Sal even in the Interior. Sal’s life becomes more complicated again as he finds his mother’s family who is not at all what he had wished them to be.


Even more plot twists arrive as the Sky Warden who is after Sal wants to take him back to his home and reveal a secret about Sal and his connection to everything that has happened that no one had known until now. The third and final book of the series called The Storm Weaver and the Sand makes sure to continue the story from where this book ends it.

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Robert Hazley
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