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Slammed Book Review (2021)

Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover, whose real name is Margaret Colleen Fennel, was born on December 11th, 1979, in Sulphur Springs, Texas, United States of America.


As of yet, Hoover has written a total of 16 novels and novellas. Her genres of preference are Young Adult and New Adult, respectively. Hoover’s works have been placed on the New York Times bestseller list a number of times.

Slammed Book

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Life and Education

Hoover was born to mum Vannoy Fite and dad Eddie Fennel, in Sulphur Springs, Texas. She was brought up in Saltillo, Texas, though. Hoover graduated from the Saltillo High School in the year of 1998. A mere 2 years in the future and Colleen and Heath Hoover married. They have had three sons, as of yet.

Hoover attained her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Texas A&M Commerce. Following graduation, Colleen worked a number of jobs, mainly with social work or teaching. However, this didn’t fulfill her, so Colleen opted to become a fulltime author. We also covered her other book in one of our articles, just take a look at Maybe Someday book review.


In 2012, Colleen published her debut novel. While she hadn’t had desires on publishing her novel, she received high praise and words of encouragement, so she tried her chances. In a mere few months, upon the excellent review that a book blogger named Maryse Black left, the novel got a lot of exposure so that Hoover exploded on the scene. Colleen Hoover was awarded the great UtopYA Con Award, as well. Having noted all of that, we can now give our book review.

Slammed Series

This book was the first novel that Colleen Hoover ever wrote and the brilliant authoress’ debut novel. It is a wholly endearing, absorbing, and engaging story. One questions how this is the first of Hoover’s novels, seeing how complete it is. It is also a part of a series of the same name, which is comprised of three novels in total, each released in successive years. Slammed book was published in the year of 2012. It can be also found on our list of the best angst romance books. Make sure to check it out.


The main character in Slammed book is eighteen-year-old Layken. Layken has lived a normal life thus far, but a big change is about to settle on her life. Her father has just died, leaving Layken along with her mother and nine-year-old brother.

While Layken, nicknamed Lake, seems to be a strong person, one that doesn’t waver under the terrible force of life, always there to help out her brother and mother, on the inside she is very much broken. Losing so important a figure in her life couldn’t possibly leave her the same person and she’s but a shadow of what she used to be.

Turning a New Chapter

Now that six months have transpired since that fateful day that took her father’s life. Lake, her mother, and her brother Kel are set to relocate from Texas home seeing as they can’t afford to live there anymore, all the way to Michigan. Lake’s mother had received a job offer that would grant them a seemingly better life than the one they have at Texas.

On the bright side, maybe a change of scenery is something that all three of them can use. As the moving van makes its way in the drive, Lake happens to notice one of her new neighbors on the other side of the street. In fact, it’s two neighbors. Will is the older one, while his younger brother is Caulder. As we come to learn, Will is Lake’s senior of a few years.

Ready to Be Friends

Kel and Caulder get acquainted very quickly and they are ready to be friends in only a little while after the van has pulled up in the drive. Layken finds it a soothing thought to know that Kel won’t be lonely here and that he can still make friends in spite of all that has happened.

On the other side, Lake thinks that her little brother’s friend’s brother, Will, is a pretty attractive guy, for what it’s worth. The twenty-one-year-old Will doesn’t waste much time as in just a little bit he’s already asked Lake out on a date. Lake is surprised that Will found her cute, but she accepts, nonetheless.

The Real Meaning of Slammed

As we come to learn of who this enigmatic Will is, we see that he is a big lover of slam poetry and his sense of humor is an entirely endearing aspect of his personality. The first date that they have, Will takes her out to a poetry slam. Lake wasn’t exactly a poetry slam aficionado, though following the first performance of the night she is definitely a fan of the art form.

Color her surprised, or more like shocked, when Will gets up, walks over, and takes the stage. She is gripped by the mighty performance that he has and it’s all she needs to fall for him. Coincidentally, Will has already fallen for her, too.

Hindering Secret

Unfortunately, something comes up and hinders them from stepping happily into the relationship that they obviously both want. What this hindering secret is that stops them from being together our Slammed book review can’t tattle, but it’s a gripping part of the story.

Accordingly, the pace of the story is very drawing and engaging. Hoover knows how to write a superb, absorbing story and it shows even in her first novel. However, if you are looking for something on a different note by Hoover, make sure to read our Verity book review.

Check Out the Rest

The Slammed book series has two more novels in its composition, Point of Retreat and This Girl. They continue the story of Will and Layken and are indispensable reads for a Hoover fan. If we made you interested in Colleen’s work, take a look at our Hopeless and It Ends With Us book reviews.

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