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Slant Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

Greg Bear, one of the top science fiction authors of his time presents the latest and final novel from the book series Queen of Angels.

Queen of Angels Series

This book review of Slant is the perfect place to find out about his final story happening in the Universe of Queen of Angels as it is truly a wondrous and mysterious one. If you like this kind of story, you definitely have to check out our best Greg Bear books selection!

Slant Book

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Considered to be one of the best stories from the 90s, Slant introduces a world of almost perfection where nanotechnology has allowed people to live in perfect harmony and happiness.

Greg mentions nanotechnology in the previous books from the Queen of Angels series, but in this one, it has been perfected to the smallest of details and its power and benefits are unimaginable and priceless. If you want to learn more about previous books, check out our Queen of Angels book review.

Modify Everything

This advanced tech allows humans to completely manipulate their environment, create virtual realities and design a world as they please, and change and modify their bodies to the cellular level. It has also helped speed up the studying of the human mind by a lot and that results in a revolution of both human mind therapy and artificial intelligence.

Jeff Giffey

The part of this book review of Slant arrives where we introduce you to some of the main characters in the story. First, we have Jeff Giffey who is just adding the finishing touches to his plan to break into the most secure building in all of separatist Green Idaho, the Omphalos. Now, as we have figured it out in our Slant book review, we know that there is a rumor that the Omphalos is a place that holds the, as they say, “not-quite-dead” people. 


For better understanding, it can be described as a place that houses people who are among the richest alive but are about to meet with death very soon. Although their bodies are about to give out, their minds are uploaded to a virtual reality where they can continue to live happily. Their brains are connected to something called Thinkers, artificial intelligence machines that create and run the virtual reality world.

Stealing Data

Jeff’s plan is to steal the data from the Omphalos because in the world he lives in data is a very valuable thing to possess. We then meet Jill, she is an artificial intelligence being that is about to have a very different, unique, and for her, an out of the ordinary experience inside the offices of Mind Design Inc.

Most Advanced AI

Jill is the single most advanced AI in existence and is being contacted for the very first time by another AI that she is not familiar with and did not help in its creation. What happens next is surely an exciting thing to think about and you must look further than this review of Slant book and into Slant itself. We mentioned another book of the series in our Moving Mars book review. Check it ou. 

Thrilling Story

Greg Bear doesn’t mess around when it comes to creating new worlds of artificial intelligence beings and highly advanced technologies, new and thrilling mysteries, and some of the most unique and mind-boggling characters which is the perfect reason for having a look at his science fiction novels.

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