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Sleaze Book Review (2021)

Sam Hunter Series

The award-winning author L.A. Morse brings us the second and final story of the short book series called Sam Hunter.

L.A. Morse

Morse has won prestigious awards such as the Edgar Award for a few of his great novels like The Old Dick, which is the first novel of the Sam Hunter Series, The Big Enchilada, and The Flesh Eaters.

Sleaze Book

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Sleaze 8.06/10 222 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Sam Hunter

You will see why this author is awarded for his fascinating novels in this book review of Sleaze as well as find out what this novel is all about and what to expect upon reading the book for yourself. For more amazing books written by the same author, take a look at our selection of the best L. A. Morse books!

The story of Sleaze talks about a hard, dirty fighter, a badass private detective who doesn’t have one soft side about him, Sam Hunter, and his thrilling adventures of bringing down terrible criminals. Morse describes him as a man who is hard to deal with and anyone who chooses to pick a fight with Sam Hunter will definitely not have a good day. 

Trashy Magazine

Anyway, the story quickly gets involved in the main plot as Sam receives a call for his services and help from a trashy porn magazine, called Sleaze, that’s probably where the title of this novel comes from.

Now, Sam isn’t exactly the kind of guy that just likes to help everybody as he also isn’t a very joyous man, so he doesn’t accept this case due to the goodness of his heart, he accepts it because he finds the editor of this magazine very attractive and has a thing for her.

Fanatical Cult

The magazine had become a target of a terrible fanatical cult that is even willing to shed blood in order to cleanse and purify the holy place in which they live. So, Sam accepts this case and starts to work on it as he goes through a journey of X-rated videos, a Tijuana corpse, and bad criminals that want to see Sam in the ground.

We won’t spoil how Sam Hunter handles all of this in our Sleaze book review, but one thing we can mention is that these guys have chosen the wrong man to mess with.

Well-Crafted Story

Larry Alan Morse sure has come up with a well-crafted story in this novel as he writes about a sort of character that almost everyone wants to read about, hard man, scary and dirty fighter, he always gets his way, and at the end of the day is taking down criminals.

 On top of this excitement, there is actually quite a bit of romance in the story as that is something that many are fans of and makes any book all the more interesting and fun to read.

What to Expect

Hopefully, this book review of Sleaze has done its job in introducing you to the plot so that you now know what to expect when you read the book for yourself and all the good exciting parts are left for you to discover yourself. We further recommend our An Old-Fashioned Mystery book review! Check it out!

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