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Sleepside Book Review (2021) – The Collected Fantasies of Greg Bear

Ultimate Greg Bear

This book is for the ultimate Greg Bear fans out there who can’t wait to start a new science fiction story by him that is guaranteed to be time well spent reading.

Six Stories

It’s a collection of six stories by Greg, some award-winning, some not, however, all of them present a unique experience from the many worlds that Greg manages to come up with constantly that just get crazier, bigger, better, more mysterious, and more exciting as time passes. Get ready to find out something about these stories from our Sleepside: The Collected Fantasies book review.

Sleepside: The Collected Fantasies Book

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Enjoyable Experience

These are some of Greg’s short stories that tell tales of worlds that not many have seen. The collection is a very enjoyable experience for everyone who likes to read content from the science fiction master Greg Bear. For more amazing books written by this author, don’t miss out on our best Greg Bear books selection.

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Amazing Imagination

He has always had a great imagination when it comes to making up new worlds filled with the most advanced technologies and fascinating alien races, the most interesting and memorable characters as the details and the backstory of them just simply sound so good that it almost seems like they are real.

Something Different

Sleepside is something different from Greg that proves how quickly and efficiently this author can put his imagination to good use and write something entirely different and fantastic.

This short story collection is also a good opportunity for someone who isn’t up for embarking on a long journey with a whole book that tells a lengthy but fun story at this time and just wants to relax with the short stories inside that still represent Greg’s famous writing style and technique.

Great Introduction

It’s also a great choice for someone who is yet to be introduced to the works of Greg Bear and the amazing adventures he writes about because these short stories are the perfect thing to show readers just what he is capable of that won’t take up too much time and can be read one at a time.

In-Depth Analysis

A great thing we feel the need to mention in our Sleepside The Collected Fantasies book review is that some of these publications include CDs and multimedia from the author himself, talking about the stories inside in-depth and other things, in general, like how he starts a story, where his inspiration comes from and so on.

Interesting Characters

You also get to meet more interesting characters from his imagination in every single one of these stories which is always a plus when it comes to characters that are thought up by Greg Bear. His science fiction worlds are like non-other and always live up to his reputation of being one of the best science fiction authors of his time.

We definitely urge you to try out this fantasy anthology that truly contains some of his best work and find out for yourself if they truly live up to Greg Bear’s name.

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