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Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions Book Review (2021)

Fritz Leiber

For all of the horror fans out there who just can’t resist watching horror movies and to some even better, reading a horror fantasy book that can be even more exciting as they create everything in their imagination, this book offers many thrilling stories for exactly that audience.

A range of different horror experiences are in this book as it is a collection of horror tales by the famous fantasy author Fritz Leiber. For more of his amazing novels, check out our Day Dark, Night Bright book review.

Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions Book

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Rare Collection

You know that the stories inside will be amazing because Fritz has proven himself multiple times buy receiving awards like the Hugo Award and Nebula Award. Also, some of the stories inside remained out of print for a long time and have only been seen in magazines such as Unknown, Thrilling Mystery, Startling Stories.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and one of the most popular horror story magazines, Whispers 13-14. In this book review of Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions, you get to find out what other interesting horror tales are hidden inside and what to expect from them.

The Button Molder

Among the story that has the same name as the title of this book, there are several others that prove just as interesting, thrilling, and suspenseful as this one, such as The Button Molder, where Fritz tells a horrifying story about a partially faceless manakin, one similar to the one in the owner’s fabric shop, that kills without hesitation.

Not for the Faint-Hearted

The story proves very scary and not recommended for ones who don’t enjoy horror as this is a classic horror story that will make the true fans of these types of stories read the book in one sitting thanks to all of the suspense, as quite a lot of mystery is present in it as well. Other features include I’m Looking for Jeff, Ms. Found in a Maelstrom, Dark Wings and The Enormous Bedroom.

Special Excitement

All of the stories mentioned in this book review of Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions prove to be great reads for the ones who enjoy these types of stories. We can all agree that not everyone likes horror stories, but they do bring a special kind of excitement that nothing else can provide.

No thrilling science fiction novel with the most exciting adventures can bring the kind of heart-racing and excitement a true horror story can, which is exactly what this horror story collection offers to the readers.

Fritz Never Disappoints

As Fritz rarely disappoints his fans, with this book he will continue surprising them with exciting content that proves as a great read to many. Hopefully, from what you see in this Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions book review, you know what to expect from the collection and from the stories within themselves. If you like this story, we can further recommend Gather, Darkness! book and Swords Against the Shadowlands book.

If you have actually read something from Fritz previously, then you know exactly what this brilliant author is capable of and what to expect from this collection as well.

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