Songs of Earth and Power Book Review (2020)

Following The Infinity Concerto and then The Serpent Mage, Greg finishes the book series Songs of Earth and Power with this book that was written a while ago as two books. Now, he finally revisits it and rewrites the two into one amazing book, as he says he intended from the start, and finally closes the amazing story of this book series that is just another mind-blowing fantasy tale by Greg Bear. Our book review of Songs of Earth and Power will let you know how this amazing specimen of one of the best fantasy stories out there finally ends.

In this lengthy novel, Greg continues the story from The Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage where he talked about the young poet Michael Perrin who passed through a gate that was created by an actual song of power. We covered other best Greg Bear books in our article. Do not hesitate to check it out.

Songs of Earth and Power Book

The gate led him to the Realm of Sidhedark where the journey of these two books was just beginning in the world where faeries rule with their unimaginable power and magic. As the story starts, we find out that after Michael’s long stay at the Realm of Sidhedark where he was trapped for 5 years, he finally comes back home to Los Angeles.

The twist that changes everything in his world finally shows itself when we find out that the song of power that took him there has weakened the veil that kept these two very different worlds apart and that the Sidhe have followed him to his world this time. Nothing good comes from the Sidhe coming to Earth as humanity’s soul quickly becomes at stake from the terrible dangers that they bring upon this world.

We let you know in our review of Songs of Earth and Power book that this novel is definitely a complicated one as it features the stories from the previous two and something a little extra, but besides that, the story is the main thing here that needs to be paid careful attention as it holds important details throughout all of it which lead to game-changing twists and revelations.

Although Greg is most famous for his science fiction writing abilities and this is a fantasy story, he still manages to do an astonishingly good job at creating such unique and amazing characters and worlds that are hard to imagine even after reading about them, let alone coming up with them from nothing as Greg tends to constantly do in his many books.

This story, written in over 600 pages is definitely for the type of reader who has the patience to get to the good parts, the twists, the unveiling of the mysteries, as it is not an action story, but a fantasy one filled with many secrets and mind-boggling questions. 

Greg Bear always does a great job at painting the picture of his characters and the worlds they live in which is something his fans always love about his books as they help them better understand and see what is happening in his stories.


Robert Hazley

Robert Hazley

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