Spacetime Donuts Book Review (2020)

Rudy Rucker brings another one of his special cyberpunk science fiction novels, this one telling a very interesting story filled with humor, an adventure that takes that characters inside to book through a very mysterious and technological space, and all the action you can imagine. Rudy Rucker is a cyberpunk science fiction author who gets a great big deal of his inspiration from his knowledge of mathematics and computer science.

Many know and appreciate his style of writing as he is one of the first and original founders of the cyberpunk genre. Be sure to check out what this book review of Spacetime Donuts says about Ruby’s writing and what you will find in this particular story by the author. If you are interested in his works, check out our article about the best Rudy Rucker books!

Spacetime Donuts Book

The story involves a few characters that will prove to be very unique as you will firmly remember all of them and what they stand for at the end of the story itself. One main thing around which the whole novel revolves around is a huge computer that is capable of many strange things, called Phiswhiz.

You will find that the novel is filled with users known as Drones and Dreamers. This computer known as Phiswhiz is capable of so much, understands so much, and can do a lot of things that no other can. However there is one important thing that it lacks, creativity. Another character that you get to meet through our book review of Spacetime Donuts is the young and very curious Vernor Maxwell.

Vernor finds that, although Phiswhiz provides an astonishing experience of entertainment, for him, Phiswhiz just simply lacks in creativity and the entertainment experience for him is not enough in that area. Luckily, we then read about a couple that figures out a way to plug their minds into the computer and to manipulate it from within, being capable of doing anything they wish.

Vernor hears about this and is very intrigued and excited, he finds a way to build something called a scale-ship and becomes a pretty cool shrinking man. Thanks to this new incredible ability, Vernor is now able to go down to the smallest parts of the computer and as a result of that, finds himself in a place known as the intergalactic top. There, he discovers an enormous amount of power that allows him to do almost anything he wishes and even has the power to smash this piece of technology once and for all.

You will definitely understand the story better after reading everything inside as we simply cannot mention everything about it in this Spacetime Donuts book review, but there are a lot of important little details that cause the story to make a lot more sense than it does here. If you like this story, you might be interested in our review of Rudy’s other book. Check out our The Sex Sphere book review.

However, after reading the novel for yourself, you will definitely see why Rudy’s fans enjoy his stories as they are very fun to read and describe pretty fun and memorable adventures, as well as characters.


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