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The Squire Quartet Book Series Review (2021)

Brian Aldiss

The Squire Quartet is the book the combines all of the four books by Brian Aldiss in this one great volume that tells the whole story of The Squire Quartet book series.

4 Books

All of the four novels starting from Life in the West, Forgotten Life, Remembrance Day, and Somewhere East of Life are all fit into this one great book that will tell you the whole story and its amazing adventures.

The Squire Quartet Book Series

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Life in the West 7.24/10 310 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Forgotten Life 7.32/10 400 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Remembrance Day 7.82/10 308 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Somewhere East of Life 7.76/10 446 Pages Check Price On Amazon


This book review of The Squire Quartet will make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and how the story of the four books fits into one amazing story that will prove to be the perfect read for Brian Aldiss’ fans. If you are one of them, you might be interested in our selection of the best Brian W. Aldiss books!

Life in the West

The story begins from the events of the first book, Life in the West, where you get to meet some of the important characters and the setting for the introduction to the series. You meet Thomas C. Squire who takes you on this wild adventure of his and makes sure to fill the time with excitement and thrill.

Thomas C. Squire

Thomas C. Squire is an interesting man to read about as he has managed to succeed a lot in some areas and fail miserably in others. He is the creator of a popular TV documentary series called Frankenstein Among the Arts, he is a one-time secret agent and the founder of the Society of Popular aesthetics. These are the areas where Thomas strives, but he does have some bad sides to him as well.

He manages to screw up his relationship with his wife, gets involved in many affairs, witnesses his father’s horrible death. The first book is filled with many thrilling events that help you get to know Thomas a lot more.

Forgotten Life

The other books in the series prove just as fun, if not even more, as the first, as Brian manages to fit them perfectly into one great big story. From the second book, you hear about how the story of two brothers, Joseph and Clement Winter fits in with this one. If you love work of Brian Aldiss as much as we do, you should check out our reviews of Galaxies Like Grains of Sand book and The Dark Light Years book.

Half a Century and Three Continents

Their story spans half a century and takes place among three continents. Things discussed in this part of the story are Clement’s troubled marriage with his famous wife Sheila, and a more exciting part of the story, one filled with adventures that Joseph goes on in the lands of Burma and Sumatra during World War II.

Exciting and Interesting as Possible

The story fills in parts of Remembrance Day and the last books of the series, Somewhere East of Life, as author Brian Aldiss manages to make this volume of the whole series as exciting and interesting to read as possible.

Something Special

The fans of the individual stories are definitely in for something special that will bring in a lot of feelings of nostalgia and excitement. If you happen to be among these fans, then this book review of The Squire Quartet is not needed for you to know what to expect in this combined version of The Squire Quartet book series.

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