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Station Eleven Book Review (2021)

Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven is a science fiction novel based in a dystopian world that later becomes post-apocalyptic as you follow along on the journey of the main character.

The author of this book is Emily St. John Mandel and this is one of her 5 brilliant novels so far. This novel was published in 2014 and you get to find out all about its story inside from this Station Eleven book review.

Station Eleven Book

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Arthur Leander

The story opens on a snowy night as you get to meet the main character himself, Arthur Leander. Arthur is a famous Hollywood actor, but on that snowy night, he has a lethal heart attack which leads to his tragic death right there on stage while he was performing in a play called King Lear.

It wasn’t of much help, but there was a person in the audience who was a paparazzo who turned EMT as Jeevan Chaudhary jumps on stage and attempts to bring Leander back to life but with no success, Arthur is dead.

Kirsten Raymonde

This book review of Station Eleven introduces you to another character from the book, a child actress named Kirsten Raymonde as she watches Jeevan pump Arthur’s chest and she definitely looks horrified from what she sees as Arthur wasn’t waking up any time soon.

This story about Arthur’s death is somehow related to what we are about to tell you next in our Station Eleven book review and you can find out about that relation between these two events for yourself as you start reading the book. After the tragic event that everyone witnessed in the theater,


Jeevan was walking home as he witnesses something horrible happening in the world around him, suddenly and out of nowhere, a terrible disease like the flu starts spreading everywhere and countless people immediately plummet and die.

Jeevan and his brother manage to barricade themselves in an apartment as they watch what horrors happen outside. Floods start destroying the streets, cars start piling up in the highway, gunshots start popping out of nowhere, and they see life falling apart just like that.

15 Years Later

Now, the story does get a bit complicated as it tends to jump in between different times as you see the first jump fifteen years later. You read about Kirsten again as she is now a grown woman and she is an actress with the Traveling Symphony as she and her small band of entertainers travel around the settlements of this truly different world than the one you read about earlier in the book and in this Station Eleven book review.

They perform music and plays for those lucky enough to have survived the terrible events that started fifteen years ago.

Another Twist

One more twist arrives in the story as they travel to St. Deborah where Kirsten and her group discover a violent prophet who changes a lot in this story and he tends to dig graves for anyone who dares to leave. This character will explain so much from the previous story, a story that travels back and forth in time and can make you a little bit confused at times.

One of the Best

However, the book definitely proves as one of the best post-apocalyptic books ever because of its unique characters and very addicting story which makes you want to find out more and more about this strange and scary world. For more information about this book, take a look at our article about the best post-apocalyptic books.

For all of the fans of science fiction, post-apocalyptic, strange and mysterious stories out there, this read will surely prove as an entertaining one and a great way to pass the time, especially in times like this quarantine.

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