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Stepbrother Dearest Book Review (2021)

Penelope Ward

Brilliant authoress Penelope Ward was born on the 10th of July, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Ward is a great writer whose works are primarily in the genre of contemporary fiction and contemporary romance.


Penelope has been featured on bestseller lists like the New York Times on, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal equivalents, as well. It is a known fact that twenty-one of her novels have been NYT bestsellers.

Stepbrother Dearest Book

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Penelope Ward was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the youngest of six, all of whom were brothers. Penelope Ward’s first job was as a news anchor on TV. However, she disliked the line of work, so she opted to resign from that and find a different, more fulfilling career.

So, she turned to writing the type of novels that she adored reading. So far, it has proved a blessing of a career, seeing as she has sold more than a million copies of her works and is still going strong with her novels.

Spare Time

In her free time, Ward enjoys lying back and reading novels in the New Adult genre, drinking coffee, and spending time with her family and friends. Penelope has two children, a boy and a girl, both in their teenage years. The three of them along with Ward’s spouse live in Rhode Island, at the present moment. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Inventive and Intriguing

This is one of Penelope Ward’s most inventive, most intriguing, and thus most read novels, to date. This is a prime example of how Ward continually pushes the boundaries in her novels. It is a part of her Forbidden Romance series, which is comprised of two novels and a tie-in following the second. Stepbrother Dearest book is the first in the series, and it was published in the year of 2014. We also covered it in our selection of the best forbidden romance books.

The story in this novel is as expected a potent, acute, and highly emotional tale that won’t leave anyone with an indifferent heart. Finger cuts are wont to occur seeing as how one will be racing between the pages to get to the bottom of what is going to happen next.

From page one the reader is fully invested in the story and is drawn into a world of taboo and lust. The novel is separated into two parts. With that noted, we can meet the main characters: Greta and Elec.

A Meeting That Marked a Whole Life

The first part of the story starts out with the initial meeting and first interaction between Greta and Elec. Elec’s father and Greta’s mother married so that the two were to be stepbrother and stepsister. Elec was sent to live with his father for approximately a year.

While Greta is willing and even desiring of being friends with Elec, he isn’t on the same page. For one, Elec acts like an anxious, moody teenager that deprives Greta from the enjoyment of having a friend and, for what it’s worth, a brother just because he doesn’t like the fact that his parents split up and that his father found another wife.

Caring for Each Other

With time, however, Elec softened up and the two get more in tune with each other, have fun, get to know each other, and the like. They act like they are genuinely related; they seem to care for one another. The two of them sadly didn’t even get to spend a lot of time in each other’s presence as Elec is forced to go back in order to tend and care for his mother.

Prior to his departure, though, something happened between them. They left themselves open to the fiery embrace of lust and the carnal need for fulfillment so much so that they had intercourse. In the morning, when Elec had to go away, it is sufficed to say that a heartbreak or two was to be expected.

Meeting Again

Life is wont to act weird and years later – seven, to be precise – a tragedy occurs. This tragedy, though, gives them the opportunity to reconnect, even after so much time. We learn that Elec, being Greta’s senior, has obviously moved past whatever happened that night. Elec has a girlfriend now, a Chelsea.

Greta, on the other hand, has not spent a waking moment these past seven years without thinking about Elec and that fateful night. Upon taking one look at each other after so much time gone by, Elec feels a resurfacing of bygone, forgotten sentiments.

Can’t Fight Destiny

The plot moves accordingly and we see how Elec and Greta are again in each other’s presence. It is a manifest fact that they were made for each other. With time, Elec comes to be the confused protagonist who can’t resolve whether to follow his heart even in the depths of taboo or to play it safe and stay with his girlfriend Chelsea.

Twists and turns paint the story of Elec and Greta and we see how Elec once did come back, a few years prior, but saw that Greta was with someone – this didn’t pan out for Greta. He found Chelsea as he was recovering from the turmoil of losing Greta and now that he has a chance to get her back, is he supposed to just throw Chelsea to the wind?

Final Thoughts

The story is sure to arrange for the readers to spend sleepless nights and days upon days of deep rumination. The profoundness and the power of the story are too great for it to be just a random or uninterested reading. Our Stepbrother Dearest book review certainly explains our feelings for this great novel.

Penelope Ward’s Forbidden Romance series has another story to tell. The novel is called Neighbor Dearest and it follows one of the characters of Stepbrother Dearest book, Chelsea.

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