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The Stone Mage and the Sea Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams

This is the first book of Sean Williams’ fantasy fiction book series called The Change. The first of the three books starts the exciting tale of a world filled with magic and controlled by Mages and Sky Wardens.

The Change Series

The characters that you get to meet in this book will carry on the story in the next two books, The Sky Warden and the Sun, and The Storm Weaver and the Sand. A fantasy story such as this one should be considered a great thing for science fiction and fantasy story fans as you will find out what the story inside talks about from this book review of The Stone Mage and the Sea.

The Stone Mage and the Sea Book

Stone Mages

In this book, we find out the world in which the characters that you are about to meet live. This is a world where a territory of huge red-sand deserts is ruled by powerful magic wielders called Stone Mages. Magic is actually everywhere but not everyone has the power to wield it and do with it as they wish.

Haunted City

Those born with the ability to direct magic are taken to the Haunted City to be trained in The Change. The other part of the world, the cast coastlines, are ruled by Sky Wardens who actually have the duty of bringing in new children that are born with the special ability to use magic as we mentioned in this The Stone Mage and the Sea book review.


This is when you get to meet probably the most important character of the book that you get to follow around throughout the whole three books of the trilogy. His name is Sal and he is just a kid with his father who is currently running from something that is yet to be described and named. They enter a town called Fundelry which is nothing special much like any other town in the Strand.

Shilly and Lodo

This town, however, has very little tolerance for people who don’t fit in and Sal definitely meets that description as he is yet to find out something about him that will change his entire life. When Sal finds himself in trouble, he is rescued by Shilly and her teacher Lodo. They are also very important characters in the entire series as Lodo is a powerful mage with strange tattoos on his body who happens to know more about Sal than Sal does.

After he meets Lodo, Sal has a lot waiting in front of him as he has to discover this connection between him, the one who is chasing him, and his mother that he never met. 

Sky Wardens

All of this awaits Sal as he is also confronted by the Sky Wardens who wish to take him to the Haunted City as he is yet to be trained in The Change. The story in this book is definitely far from being over as the exciting events continue in the sequel to this one and in the last of the trilogy.

Robert Hazley
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