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The Storm Weaver and the Sand Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams

This novel is a fantasy one that is written by author Sean Williams, an award-winning author from Australia.

He has written many novels and short stories in genres like horror, fantasy, and science fiction that hold vast and thick plots that occupy many galaxies and range far with their sequels in the series.

The Storm Weaver and the Sand Book

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The Change Series

Now, Sean writes the third and final book of his series called The Change and he finally tells how the story of The Sky Warden and the Sun and the characters Sal and Shilly finally ends.

You will find out about that and more in our book review of The Storm Weaver and the Sand. For information about the first book, take a look at out The Stone Mage and the Sea book review.

Shom Behenna

So, the story continues right where it left off, the Sky Warden Shom Behenna finally caught up to Sal after a very long and difficult chase where Sal and Shilly managed to slip away from him a few times and now is returning them, along with a new companion that we met in the second book,


Skender, the Stone Mage’s son, to the remote island of the Haunted City. You get to meet a new character there,  Sal’s great-aunt, the Syndic, and she is determined to keep the boy in check this time and she will even throw them behind bars if she feels necessary. But, as you read further in this review of The Storm Weaver and the Sand, you find out a horrible fact that makes Sal’s disagreements with his great-aunt  the least of his worries.

He sees that the ancient ghosts who were trapped for so long in the walls of this great city are now becoming more and more restless. This is something that hasn’t happened for a long time and no one knows why they are acting like this now.

Control Golem

Sean Williams introduces something new that will add some cool twists to the story, a golem who has the ability to control others and at first, you can’t be sure if he is trying to help Sal or make him suffer.

Things progress pretty quickly now as you get to see Lodo again, and Shilly is desperately trying to find a way to escape this madness and grabs the first opportunity she can only to result in more chaos.

Difficult Choices

Sal, on the other hand, faces with difficult choices for what to do next in this madness that has been brought down upon them, whichever way he chooses to act, it only seems that the price that those around him have to pay is just too high and this is definitely a lot of pressure for Sal as you may have found out from this review of The Storm Weaver and the Sand book.

Exciting Trilogy

How will Sal choose, what will happen to everyone around him, and how does the story of this exciting trilogy by Sean Williams end, is up to you to find out as you read this story and preferably the first two from the series if you want this one to make more sense.

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