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Stranger Suns Book Review (2021)

George Zebrowski

George Zebrowski is the author of the novel and he is a pretty experienced science fiction author who has written some very interesting and exciting stories that are filled with fascinating adventures and has imagined unique and memorable characters throughout his work.

Pamela Sargent

George actually lives with another popular and brilliant author, Pamela Sargent, and together they have had the pleasure of writing some awesome books including a few Star Trek novels.

Stranger Suns Book

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What to Expect

In this book review of Stranger Suns, you get to see exactly what kind of author George Zebrowski is and what to expect from this particular novel by him. For more amazing books written by him, check out our selection of the best George Zebrowski books

Juan Obrion

The story is a science fiction one that will surely keep you entertained as it tells about a pretty mysterious and fascinating adventure that the characters you get to meet inside are about to embark on. First, you meet one of the most special and intriguing characters in the novel from our book review of Stranger Suns, and that is physicist Juan Obrion.

He is a brilliant mind who has just finished his astonishing invention, the orbiting tachyon detector that is designed to locate and identify life in other star systems if there is any.

New Mystery

Now, the story gets very exciting as you might be expecting that his invention performed very well and located some aliens that are going to make the story all the more interesting and bring some kind of a new mystery to it. But, George is a little unpredictable here and went one step further.


Juan did expect a slight chance to find alien life that is far from our planet, but what he didn’t expect is to find unfamiliar and unprecedented life hiding right here on Earth. This brilliant invention has located a culture that has been in hiding for who knows how much time, right under the land of Antarctica.

Team of Scientists

Without this invention, this culture was never mapped, never seen by anyone, never detected by anything, so Juan’s curiosity as a scientist leads him to find out more about this great mystery that has been hidden for so long right below their feet.

The physicist Juan puts together a team that will accompany him in the depths to research as much as he can about this new discovery. Along with Lena, Malachi, and Magnus.

Exciting Journey

Juan sets off on this journey that awaits. From what you will see in this Stranger Suns book review, you will surely find that their journey will definitely be an exciting one as they quickly run into danger, find out mysterious portals that lead to different lands, and find themselves into a maze that seems like there is no way out of.

Find out how these four characters face these difficult tasks ahead and what has George in store for them as you read further into the book. Other books written by him that we highly recommend is Omega Point Trilogy. Check it out!

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