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Strength of Stones Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

This science fiction novel is another one by the pro of sci-fi, Greg Bear who tells us another one of his interesting stories, this time about living high tech cities and the human inhabitants inside them. In his many, many science fiction and fantasy books, Greg always manages to keep the stores unique and memorable.

Always Original

How he constantly comes up with new and exciting content? No one knows, but this book review of Strength of Stones has the pleasure of sharing this story of Greg’s with you. Check out our best Greg Bear books review for amazing work.

Strength of Stones Book

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Distant Future

The story is set in a distant future which is something that is quite common in Greg’s novels but it’s also one of the most exciting things about them. In the future, humans live in cities they build that now have the ability to think for themselves, sustain themselves independently, controlled by no one and completely self-aware.

Humans No Longer Needed

There are a few cities but they all work together, communicate to take care of their inhabitants’ every need. That’s the case until the advanced technological cities come to the conclusion that they simply do not need the humans present in their architecture anymore. As a result of that conclusion they decide to cast them out into the wilderness and forever rid of them.

What They Deserved?

The cities might not have a need for humans anymore, but these people adored their cities as they thought of them as a heavenly paradise in which they found peace and happiness, they did create them after all. The fact that they were cast out was also a reminder to them that their sinful and unworthy ways finally got the best of them and got what they deserved.

Forced Entry

However, once times of sorrow passed, the humans just couldn’t take this new horrible life anymore, so they plan a forced entry into the home that they were thrown out of. After a while, times change as these self-aware cities begin to come to another conclusion which is that they simply have no reason to be alive without any citizens in them as they have managed to cast them all out.

Lack of Will

Thanks to this lack of will to live and the attacks from the forced entries by the people, the cities start to die out and decimate. As you find out more and more about this story from our Strength of Stones book review, you meet a woman who is called mad and wise at the same time.

She is the single person who is allowed inside these cities thanks to her very important job position. As people are slowly destroying their own cities that turned on them, this woman attempts desperately to save them.

Fascinating Story

That’s all from our review of Strength of Stones book and it’s definitely what you need to hear in order to find out for yourself if this is a book that you would definitely have a look at. If you are a true science fiction fan, then you will surely have a good time with this fascinating story by Greg Bear.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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