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The Sudden Star Book Review (2021)

Upside Down

A very disrupted world is the main scene of this outstanding science fiction novel by author Pamela Sargent. She writes about a world that has gone upside down and has left every living being scared in chaos as a white glare appears over the Earth.

Pamela Sargent

Nebula and Locus award-winning author Pamela Sargent often writes amusing science fiction stories like this one as she never runs out of imagination to come up with the most intriguing characters and mysterious and wondrous worlds.

The Sudden Star Book

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What Is the Story About

Read through this book review of The Sudden Star if you wish to find out what Pamela writes about in this novel and what the story is about. For even more information about Pamela’s work, take a look at our article about the best Pamela Sargent books.

White Hole

In the year 2000, a white hole appeared over the Earth and ever since that event everyone has gone out of their minds, the very top of the most corrupt people have survived and managed to still live above everyone else. When we say that the world is completely gone out of its mind in our book review of The Sudden Star, we mean it as medication is now allowed only for a small number of diseases which leaves many people to die.

Society Crumbling

Rape and murder are now a very common thing as well as suicide, people don’t care about anyone or anything which leave society to crumble and everyone to do whatever they want. Those who disobey the new laws that are placed by the rich and corrupt will suffer harsh punishments, which brings us to a character we will tell you all about from our book review of The Sudden Star that takes over the story from there.

Dr. Simon Negron

Dr. Simon Negron was very well aware of what happens to those who disobey the law and commit even the smallest of crimes, but he still could not just stand and watch as a diabetic was suffering. So he decides to give him insulin, which was another thing that was prohibited of doing.

Hunted Outlaw

Because of this, the doctor is now being chased, he becomes a fugitive for doing a good thing and is now a hunted outlaw who must do whatever it takes to survive. On his new journey on the run, Simon Negron meets a few friends that help him avoid being caught. A teenage prostitute and a bunch of young gang members become his new allies in this path of his and help the doctor in this new world filled with madness.

Fighting the Chaos

Unlike the rest who wouldn’t dare to fight back versus this new Sudden Star that has taken control of the entire planet and is dominating over everyone, Dr. Simon Negron is the one who is going to try and make all of this chaos stop so that the world can go back to normal.

That’s the main thing that we will not spoil in this review of The Sudden Star book for you as you can have all of the excitement of finding out how it all turns out for yourself.

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