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Sunday in Hell Book Review (2021) – Pearl Harbor Minute by Minute

Detailed Description

You have probably never seen a more detailed description of one of the most historic and memorable moments in the United State that changed the people forever.

Bill McWilliams

Author Bill McWilliams releases another one of his popular historic stories that tell the story with such detail and focus that you don’t want to stop reading after you have begun. Bill actually has a few other books that are similar to this one, two prior major Korean War histories, A Return to Glory: The Untold Story of Honor, Dishonor and Triumph at the United States Military Academy and On Hallowed Ground.

Sunday in Hell Book

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Devastating Story

In this book review of Sunday in Hell: Pearl Harbor Minute by Minute, you get to find out the exciting but devastating story of how the United States got involved in the Second World War.

Thorough Research

Bill McWilliams puts a lot of devotion to these types of books as he has spent countless hours researching and writing, using everything he could find for research, dozens of stories told by the very Generals, Admirals, politicians, and diplomats that know the story all too well.

But he doesn’t stop there, McWilliams has seen what even the soldiers, civilians, and deckhands have to say about this memorable event that changed the course of the United States and so many more forever.

Detailed View

What you get in this book by McWilliams is a very detailed view of one of the most traumatizing events a person can experience on a very large scale. On top of all the destruction and horror that Bill describes, he also tells you some of the tactics and strategies that were used by the army, how they felt when all of this occurred knowing that they would have to be in the middle of all the terror and destruction.

Death and Destruction

As Bill starts this thrilling story, he opens it with the description of the event of how it all started, the first attack on American soil in 1941, December 7. He talks about how the United States thought that it was not possible to be left out of such a battle between many countries among the globe and that they would eventually get involved, either willingly or unwilling, the result would be the same, death and destruction would come to them too.

One of the Biggest Events

You get to read about the fascinating story of the totalitarian German Nazis that would attack anything that came in their way and how the unprepared United States handled the first attack on Pearl Harbor.

Hopefully, this Sunday in Hell book review has cleared up for you what to expect in this fascinating book by Bill McWilliams as he describes one of the biggest events to happen to the United States. He describes many things in the book, how they handle themselves, what their thoughts are on this war, astonishing details that explain everything that happens later, and so on.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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