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Taking Hawaii Book Review (2021) – How Thirteen Honolulu Businessmen Overthrew the Queen of Hawaii in 1893, with a Bluff

Stephen Dando-Collins

In this exciting book by author Stephen Dando-Collins that is actually based on a very true but tragic story.

You get to read all about it in the exciting writing style by Stephen that will make sure you understand the whole event described by him and see exactly how things went down, way back in 1893 in Hawaii.

Taking Hawaii Book

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All the Important Things

Stephen has made sure that this book reads very similar to an actual thrilling novel that has all the important and exciting parts of adventure, drama, thrill, and action.

He is, after all, an award- winning author who has written other fascinating works such as Standing Bear is a Person, Legions of Rome, and Tycoon’s War. In this book review of Taking Hawaii: How Thirteen Honolulu Businessmen Overthrew the Queen of Hawaii in 1893, with a Bluff, you get to see how an actual true story turns out to be as exciting as a fiction novel.

Never Before Seen Details

Most of the story is written in a minute-by-minute writing style as Stephen writes about never before seen details of this exciting quest to overthrow the Queen of the sovereign nation of Hawaii, by a couple of businessmen.

The story gets super exciting very quickly as you read how these businessmen were facing armed men before them, rifles, machineguns, and cannons, ready to open fire at them at any moment. The small number of rebel Honolulu businessmen were of American, British, German, and Australian origin.

Violent Coup

But, behind these rebels was an army of US soldiers ready to back them up. As Stephen mentions even the slightest of details in this thrilling book, he notes that the time was just after 2 PM when the first shot was fired and a violent military coup began.

The story gets to the juicy part as the Queen of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, and her government were overthrown and a five-year police state regime in Hawaii followed after the overthrow. Another fun fact that Stephen does not forget to mention in this book is that in 1985, the brave Hawaiians attempted a counter-coup to try and take back their land.

Memorable History

The story is definitely an interesting one, not just because the author has managed to write it in a manner that it is that exciting, but it is also the true story that turned out to be a historical moment that is memorable and very exciting to read as it is a big story regarding the end of Hawaii’s monarchy.

Not Overdoing It

Taking Hawaii book by Stephen Dando-Collings is maybe one of the best historical true stories about how Hawaii became in US possession and how its monarchy finally ended ever.

As historical books are usually many pages long, this one proves to not be overboard standing at just under 400 pages, but if you think that that is not enough to cover the whole story, believe us when we say that it is, thanks to Stephen’s brilliant writing.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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