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To Tame A Duke Book Review (2021)

Patricia Grasso

Written by author Patricia Grasso, a brilliant romance and mystery novels writer who enjoys adding a little dash of history and thrilling events to her novels brings another one of her popular works called To Tame A Duke.

Dukes Trilogy

Patricia sure knows how to excite her fans with her historical romance novels such as this one that are never dull thanks to the suspense and drama that is hidden within the pages. In this novel, you get to read about the entangled lives of two characters that will make the story so fun to read that you will start wishing to join in on the action with them. All of that, and more, will be made clear in this book review of To Tame A Duke.

To Tame A Duke Book

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Lily Hawthorn

First, you meet a girl called Lily Hawthorn. She is the only daughter of a tavern owner who lives in Boston. Patricia describes her as a very beautiful girl who has sapphire eyes and is a delicate person who has a very adventurous and bold spirit.

The Gilded Lily

Many know her by this description, but very few know the other side of this sweet girl, she is the person behind the identity of Boston’s most notorious spy catcher, known as The Gilded Lily. She risks her life every day to help her country and to keep the people safe in this very hard time during a war that is going on in the year 1812.

That brief description of Lily should be enough for you to get to know a bit about her as there is no need to spoil everything in To Tame A Duke book review. For more amazing books written by this talented author, take a look at our selection of the best Patricia Grasso books.

Duke of Kinross

The second character that you get to meet who is also as important as Lily in this book and who will soon meet Lily for himself is James Armstrong, the fourteenth Duke of Kinross.

Patricia describes him as a very handsome British nobleman who is determined to do one thing, avenge the death of his older brother that was caused by the Americans, and nothing would stand in his way. He is so determined to do this as he vows to not rest until he tracks down and ends the one who was most responsible for this horrible deed, The Gilded Lily.

A Prisoner

A big surprise hits James when he finally tracks down Lily and confronts her only to be shocked when he finds out that this deadly foe of his was a gorgeous girl and not a tough and scary soldier. Soon after they meet, Lily becomes a prisoner of James and hard times await her.

Hidden Passion

The story is far from being over as James takes Lily to his gilded English estate and the excitement is just beginning as they find themselves battling again only to discover a hidden passion and romance that would make the outcome a lot more interesting. But, that’s one thing that you get to read about for yourself and not find out in this book review of To Tame A Duke.

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