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3 Best Terrence M. Green Books (2021)

Best Terrence M. Green Books ReviewBio

Terrence Michael Green was born on the 2nd of February, 1947, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Terrence is a notable Canadian fantasy and science fiction author. The works of Terrence Michael Green often deal with the characterization and the venture into wherefrom the deeper complexities of societal relationships arise.


Terrence was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. His parents were Thomas and Margaret Green. In 1967, Terrence M. Green acquired his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Toronto, while his Master’s degree was received from the University College, in Dublin. Additionally, in 1973, Terrence got his BEd in 1973 from the University of Toronto, too.

Best Terrence M. Green Books

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Shadow of Ashland 7.72/10 224 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Barking Dogs 7.56/10 190 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Northern Stars 7.92/10 384 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Life and Career

In the year of 1968, Green married Penny Dakin. The couple went strong for 22 years, divorcing in 1990. They had two children, Conor and Owen Green. In 1994, Terrence married Merle Casci. The two had one child, a son, named Daniel.

Green taught English at East York Collegiate Institute from 1968 right up until he retired. At the present time, Terrence teaches creative writing part time at Western University. The work of Terrence is an immense one, and we can now take a deeper look at what the best Terrence Michael Green books are.

The Ashland Book Series


Striking Work

Green’s Ashland series is a trilogy. It is one of his most striking works, to date. The trilogy is composed of the following books:

  1. Shadow of Ashland, published in 1996.
  2. A Witness to Life, published in 1999.
  3. Patrick’s Bed, published in 2001.

Shadow of Ashland

The first book, Shadow of Ashland, is a cautionary, superb tale of a man searching for his uncle. The man’s uncle has been missing for the last five decades, in fact.

The main character is Leo. It just so happens that Leo’s mother is on her deathbed in the hospital, insisting on the fact that she’s seen her brother Jack. Like we said, Jack has been missing for fifty years, now. Mrs. Nolan soon after succumbs and dies.


Leo, however, still doesn’t believe in the words his mother imparted on him prior to dying. That is, until letters start arriving. The letters are addressed to his mother, but they are dated 1934. These are the letters that work as an incentive for Leo to go on the search of a lifetime to find where his uncle vanished.

The story is extremely captivating. Even though it is a science fiction book involving time travel, there isn’t much that’s out of this world. The relationships are so grounded in reality and so beautiful that it might as well be literary fiction. Terrence is one hell of an author, we must concur.

The Mitch Helwig Book Series


2 Book Series

The Mitch Helwig Series from Green is a short, yet densely-packed series. It is a duology, thus has only 2 books in its composition. The two books are:

  1. Barking Dogs, published in 1988.
  2. Blue Limbo, published in 1997.

Barking Dogs

Barking Dogs is a sci-fi tale as powerful as any. It is set during the year of 1998, thus about 10 years after its own publication. The story features a lot of things, all of which are typical only of Terrence’s wild imagination. We have baboon heart transplants, cars that actually however, thinking, in this world, is divided into two kinds – stage one thinking, and stage two thinking. More important than all of these things, however, is the barking dog.


The barking dog isn’t an actual barking dog, but a piece of high-tech. It is something that a person can wear. The barking dog serves the purpose of watching an individual’s face, monitoring it, and by doing this it can deduce whether what someone speaks is a truth or a lie. Involuntary tics of the face and gestures are vital to the barking dog’s algorithm.


The protagonist, Mitch, had a partner that was murdered. As a result, Mitch purchased a barking dog, and he is out to find the culprit that took his friend. Helwig, in fact, is a very heroic police officer, though his mortality isn’t something he pays much regard to. In the second book, after he cripples the funds of a criminal group, they opt to kidnap his aging father, try to murder his best friend and his young child.

Story to Tell

Armed with extremely potent technology, ones that can cut through anything as they’re lasers, and his trusty barking dog, Helwig isn’t just a guns blazing, no-mind cop. He has a story to tell, and it’s a powerful one. Some of the best books by Terrence Michael Green.

Northern Stars



Northern Stars is a book which has a lot of authors that collaborated together to make it. One of these authors is Terrence M. Green, and as such we will discuss why this is our pick for one of Terrence Michael Green’s best books. The book was published in 1994.


Unlike the other books which were concerned with the science fiction genre headlong, i.e. they were sci- fi books that told a story in a sci-fi world, Northern Stars is an overview of modern science fiction that has come from Canada.

It is no secret that many of the modern sci-fi tales, novels, and short stories have come from the splendid, awesome writers of Canada, and this is the story of how those stories came to be.


It was award-winning David G. Hartwell along with Glenn Grant, fellow critic, that got the idea of compiling the work. Together, they came to write the book featuring in an anthological fashion the stories that defined Canada’s sci-fi tradition.

With more than twenty-five authors and their respective tales compiled, Northern Stars is more than just a book. It is a whole generation of sci-fi stories. Other books from Terrence Michael Green are Sailing Time’s Ocean and Children of the Rainbow.

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