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The Darkest Hour Book Review (2021)

Maya Banks

Authoress Maya Banks was born on the 20th of August, 1964, in Texas, United States of America. Maya Banks is a prominent American writer of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, even Scottish historical romance books, but her forte is surely her erotic romance work. Maya has written north of fifty books, thus far, with many of them going on to become bestsellers.

Not much is known of the earlier or more intimate life of Maya Banks than what can be extrapolated from interviews and such. For instance, Maya has been at the forefront of a bit of controversy, too.

The Darkest Hour Book

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Her erotic romance trilogy was, in September of 2012, accepted by Berkeley Books for publication. This trilogy was elaborated on as being a similar one to the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, mainly because it featured a number of wealthy and affluent main characters. However, Banks denied even having read the trilogy as she stays away from first-person narrated novels.

Accordingly, Banks added that a number of readers had thought of her Sweet series as a rip-off of Fifty Shades, however, it preceded the latter series by a number of years. In 2013, Maya Banks was offered, and she promptly accepted, a deal with Avon Books for three books of the contemporary romance genre, though they would feature elements of the psychic sort.

Writing Style

Maya has been noted to prefer complete and utter silence, allowing only music that lacks lyrics to be played when she is deep into writing. At the present moment, Maya Banks lives along with her spouse and their three kids in Texas. With all of that said, we can now give our review.

KGI Series

Among Maya Banks’ greatest novels to date, The Darkest Hour book is frequently listed. And it is easy to see why. The story is just so rich, invigorating, and absorbing that you can’t help but love it. It is a part of Banks’ KGI series, as its first novel. The KGI series consists of twelve primary novels, and a couple of tie-in ones, as well. The book was published in the year of 2010. You can also find it on our list of the best military romance books.


The novel begins with the main character of the story, Ethan, as he feels downcast and sad while he mourns the death of the love of his life. It has been a whole year since the plane crash which resulted in Ethan’s wife, Rachel, dying.

Now, Ethan is reasonably morose and, at the moment, belligerently drunk as he can’t come to terms with losing someone he loved so dearly. Oddly enough, in the middle of his drunken tirade, Ethan gets a package and, oh boy, is it a weird package, indeed. The package contains a letter saying the following few words – Your Wife is Alive.

Ethan rummages in the package and finds photographs of Rachel being held prisoner in a camp of a presumable drug cartel. It goes even further as it shows that the cartel is in Columbia, it boasts information about when the guards’ shifts end, there is a topographic map, the layout of the camp, and just about everything that one might require in order to get someone back from the camp.

A Godsend or Trickery?

Now, of course, that Ethan isn’t in his right mind to comprehend what has been laid out in front of him and what the implications of the mysterious package, in fact, are. Who sent the package and why just now, after a whole year? Why didn’t someone come forward before? How did anyone even get the information that has been sent to him? And, most of all, is it truly possible that Rachel is alive and that he can save her?

Even if there is but a minute chance that he can get his Rachel back, then Ethan is going to take it, and take it he does. He scurries and asks his brothers that run the KGI to aid him in the retrieval of his as of late thought to be dead wife. They accept without a second thought and just like that we’re in Columbia on a mission.

Held Captive

We learn that Rachel has been held captive in the cartel’s camp for the previous year. During this whole period of time, she has been continuously kept on potent drugs so that they can have her memories erased, deleted, or at the very least, as confused as possible. The last memory that Rachel clings to is the memory of Ethan and how he was her personal guardian angel. Well, if he was her guardian angel, where is he now to help and guard her?

Well, soon enough, Rachel is rescued and returned home, however, the deletion of her memories runs quite deep. The only thing that she seems to remember is Ethan and Garrett, with whom the reader quickly begins suspecting that someone was going on in the background.

Rescued, Yet Still in the Grasp of Sorrow

Ethan and Rachel continue trying to have Rachel get back on track. The memory of Ethan being her guardian angel proceeds in frequenting her dreams, as moment by moment, the memories begin lining back up. Rachel deduces by way of scarce memories that her marriage to Ethan wasn’t a perfect one and that something was dire in their relationship. Ethan, sensing this, comes clean and acknowledges the mistakes that he committed and will beg Rachel if need be.

Our Recommendations

The Darkest Hour is a brilliant novel from the talented Maya Banks. One asks how it is that something so exhilarating, drawing, sad, and romantic could have been thought of by one single person. However, if the works of Banks have taught us anything, it’s that her imagination holds no bounds. Our The Darkest Hour book review has hopefully done the novel justice.

The KGI series has eleven other novels following this amazing book and they are all great books that genre lovers will surely fancy.

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