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The Darkest Night Book Review (2021)

Gena Showalter

The private and more intimate particulars concerning the life of exceptional authoress Gena Showalter aren’t quite easy to be uncovered. For instance, we have no conclusive information pointing to the date of Showalter’s birth, other than the year of birth, which is in 1975.

On the other hand, we can still say a few words on Gena Showalter. Gena is a well-known American writer, particularly in the contemporary romance genre, but also in the paranormal romance and Young Adult genres, too. You can also find her name on our list of the best dragon romance books.

The Darkest Night Book

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The first book that Showalter published was published when she was aged twenty-seven, and has since then published more than twenty-five books. USA Today and The New York Times have dubbed Gena as a bestselling author. She is amongst the very few people that have been successful with the Young Adult public, but also with the Adult audience.


Like we have mentioned, Showalter has published quite a lot of books. A bunch of these books fall into a few of the series that she has penned. These series range from the Lords of the Underworld series, the Gods of War series, Forest of Good and Evil, and the White Rabbit Chronicles. All of these series are loved by Showalter’s avid fans. With all of that said, we can now plunge deeper and take the time to give our book review.

Lords of the Underworld Series

This book is perhaps the quintessential Gena Showalter paranormal romance novel. It is part of her wonderful and much-read series, Lords of the Underworld. The series spans about twenty or so books in its composition, though there are a few between-books that belong to the broader series. The novel was published in the year of 2008 and is about three-hundred-and-eighty pages long. We also covered it in our selection of the best paranormal romance books.

Ashlyn Darrow

One of the main characters in The Darkest Night book is Ashlyn Darrow. Ashlyn Darrow has spent most of her life battling the voices that call out from her less than ideal past. In order to rid herself of these pestilent voices, she takes a trip to Budapest in order to acquire the hand and help of a group of men that are supposed to have supernal capabilities.

What Ashlyn isn’t aware of is that by doing this, she will fall into the scary Maddox, the scariest of the group, a man who has demons of his own to do battle with day in and day out. In spite of the fact that Maddox and the other Lords of the Underworld bare a curse like none other, they still remain as the astonishingly mighty, alluring beings that they are.

The Lords of the Underworld’s Story

In the most ancient of times, Maddox was the mighty warrior that slew Pandora. He and his merry band of warriors were envious of Pandora, a woman, after all, having gotten the job of keeping a box as dangerous as that one.

Upon the death of Pandora, the fabled Pandora’s box vanished without a trace, while the horrible, fiendish demons that were locked inside of it were freed and they took possession of the warriors that took to opening the box. The demons can be noted and distinguished by the butterfly tattoos that adorn the mighty bodies of the stricken warriors. The warriors have been cursed with this pang and pain for millenniums, now.


The group of men that Ashlyn meets, the Lords of the Underworld, first come to see Ashlyn as a kind of temptation or an attempt at baiting from their nemesis. For all they know, Ashlyn might just be that. What she knows is that the Institute of Parapsychology is what she put her whole trust in, but enough is enough; she can’t go on hearing these damned voices, and she has only the Lords of the Underworld left in the world to help her.

Maddox, even before the group can come to a conclusion together, starts to be protective of Ashlyn; it’s fairly obvious from the very moment that the two meet that they want each other. A bit of an issue, of course, might be that Ashlyn is in her mid-twenties, while Maddox is in his mid-thousands.

Maddox’s Plight

From the very night when he ventured to steal Pandora’s box and he unleashed the evils that plague him and his group, Maddox has been in pain. Each night brings only suffering and nothing more. A tough, dark man, whose tortures outweigh the joys that he’s enjoyed, Maddox still has a kinder side about him. He is protective of the ones that he likes, like Ashlyn. Ashlyn, on the other hand, comes off as an untouched, innocent soul that really had been thrust into a world that she just wasn’t made for.

Something Very Very New

In the hands of a less capable author, Ashlyn might have come off as an intentionally ignorant damsel in distress, but in Showalter’s, Ashlyn is portrayed as someone that just wasn’t bred for what she is facing, but she is very much prepared to learn and adapt to the situation that is at hand. Is she one of the rare women that have ever intrigued Maddox, bearing the Violence demon inside of him? Surely yes, but she is also a rare person of her own sort.

There’s More

Ashlyn and Maddox just clicked from the very first moment and they work throughout all the pages of the story. While our The Darkest Night book review might have come to an end, the Lords of the Underworld series awaits any interested reader.

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