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The Deal Book Review (2021)

Elle Kennedy

Authoress Elle Kennedy was born on the 30th of December, 1979, in Toronto, Canada. Elle Kennedy is a very prominent Canadian writer, primarily of contemporary romance novels, romantic suspense novels, but of Young Adult romances, as well. Kennedy is also touted as a bestselling author!

Accolades and Awards

Not much is known of the intimate life of Elle Kennedy, but there is still quite enough that can be inferred or deduced from the existing information. For instance, Elle Kennedy has won the RITA Award for the Best Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length, and has been nominated for an Audie Award for Erotica, as well as a RITA Award for Best Romantic Suspense.

The Deal Book

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Kennedy acquired her Bachelor’s degree from York University in the year of 2005, in the subject of English. A plethora of Kennedy’s novels have been featured on bestselling lists like the USA Today one, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Kennedy has, thus far, published novels with Entangled Publishing, Berkley, New American Library, and Harlequin Enterprises. With all of that said, we can now take a look at one of Kennedy’s best novels, and give our book review.

Off-Campus Series

Amongst the best novels that Elle Kennedy has penned is frequently mentioned in her novel, The Deal book. It is also the first book in Kennedy’s series Off-Campus, which features four books in total, and one tie-in novel between the second and the third. It was published in the year of 2015. It can be also found in our selection of the best sports romance books.

Entering a New World

The story of The Deal book is a rather straightforward one. The main character of the book, Hannah, is going to college. Hannah’s major is in the subject of music. Hannah hasn’t had the easiest of lives, but she isn’t one to frequently complain or mope about.

She’s aware of the self-esteem issues she has, especially in terms of sex. At college, she’s noticed a certain person that makes her feel things that she has never before, but at the same time, she thinks that this same person doesn’t notice her. For that reason, we covered it in our article about the best college romance books. Make sure to check it out!

Garrett Graham

On the other hand, Hannah also has a lot of things going for her. One such thing is her studies, as in one of her classes she is the only student that has an A. Someone else takes notice of this brag-worthy A, though. This someone is hockey player Garrett Graham.

Graham’s whole GPA is getting weighed down by the fact that he can’t get a passable grade from the same subject in which Hannah shines. Knowing that he has to get his grades back up, Garrett concludes that the only way he is going to get a nice grade is by having someone tutor him. Now, who can he get to tutor him? Maybe someone with a good grade in the same subject?

Help and Help Shall Come Back to Thee

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce who that person may be, so when Garrett puts two and two together, he surmises that Hannah is the only person that can help him. However, when he asks her, being a jock and all, Hannah isn’t all that interested in helping him out. Of course, Garrett is incessantly persistent and doesn’t stop until she finally concedes and says that she’ll help him.

Garrett also finds out about the little quandary in which Hannah’s found herself in. The offer he made her was that if she helps him get his grades up, he’ll help her get together with the guy she’s interested in. Hannah, though reluctant, gives in and offers her hand so that their deal can be consecrated via handshake.

Insistent and Unyielding

The likeability of the characters in their own ways is helped dearly when we see how insistent and unyielding Garrett’s efforts are. There are some wonderful quips and banter between the two and it only makes the story even more readable than it already was.

Hannah in spite of her shyness still sticks up for herself, and when she sees how persistent Graham is, she has a little bit of fun. Graham, on the other hand, comes very close to harassing Hannah for tutoring, but always succeeds in making his efforts be recognized as lighthearted, frivolous ones. The storytelling is just on point at all the time.

The Struggle We Conceal

The two of them, also, have their back-stories and pasts revealed to us. We learn that Hannah is a rape survivor, so that the insecurities and issues she has to face daily are intensified even further with this added context. She isn’t just a stuck-up, awkward girl, but one whose story is a powerful one.

Despite these issues, though, Hannah is a singularly strong character. She’s funny, witty, fast-thinking, and can be really fun. Garrett, on the other hand, has been troubled living in the shadow of his father, as he is constantly under oppression by him.

Romance of the Ages

But, like kindred spirits, the two of them begin to form an unlikely friendship, one that easily manifests into a sexual tension, and one that moves beautifully towards a romance of the ages. Their relationship isn’t bogged down by hasty coming together or just lazily making them fall in love, no.

They spend weeks together before they notice the sparks between them, and in due time, these spars allow them to intimate together wonderfully. Such a moving, powerful tale of college love. It comes to no surprise why we chose for our book review The Deal.

The roommates of Hannah and Garrett get their own intriguing stories in the following books of the Off-Campus series, so be sure to check them out.

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