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The Edge of Never Book Review (2021)

J. A. Redmerski

Authoress J. A. Redmerski, or Jessica Redmerski, was born on the 25th of November, 1975, in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America. Redmerski is an exceptional American writer, writing primarily contemporary romances and suspenseful novels.

Her wonderful works have been widely regarded as great novels and they have been featured on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists more than once.

The Edge of Never Book

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Life and Career

As far as the authoress’ younger or more intimate life, not a lot of information can be found. We do know, however, that Redmerski is a hybrid author. A hybrid author is a person that self-publishes their novels while retaining the right to strike a deal with a contemporary publishing house.

For instance, her wonderful work The Edge of Never was one that she published herself, but after only a year had elapsed, the novel was published once more via Forever Romance/Grand Central Publishing. Her beloved In the Company of Killer series had its rights for movie adaptation sold to famous international model and all-around capable actor William Levy. With all of that said, we can now take a look at our book review.

The Edge of Never Series

The Edge of Never book is widely regarded as being one of the most complete and thus best novels of J. A. Redmerski. It is just a treat to read and nothing less. It is a part of J. A. Redmerski’s potent series which bears the same name as the first book.

The series is comprised of three works, though one has not yet been published, in total. The Edge of Never book was published in 2012 by Redmerski, herself, but in 2013 it was published through a more traditional publisher, as well. You can also find it in our selection of the best adult romance books.

Camryn Bennett

One of the main characters is Camryn Bennett. Camryn is a twenty-year-old. Camryn has also had enough of the bleak mundanities of everyday life and the fact that she can deduce with great confidence that her life isn’t going down any remarkable lane.

For one, Camryn works a dead-end job at a department store that she justly doesn’t fancy much nor care for. Her boyfriend named Ian had his life taken in a car accident, her sibling Cole is in jail for murder, her parents split up and are no longer together, and to top it all of her as of yet close friend has turned complete 180 on her and demeans her with insults. Life isn’t looking up for young Camryn.

Changing Our Lives

Camryn takes a long look at her life and she wants to come to a decision straight away. This decision involves that Camryn resigns herself from living life for others and wants to go about her days exclusively for the person she lives for, to wit, herself. Camryn wants to get going with this new page of life as soon as humanly possible, so she opts for doing it right now.

Camryn has decided to take some time completely away from anyone that might hinder her progress towards becoming the best possible version of herself, so she is going to get away from North Carolina and take a trip to Idaho, of all places. Her reasoning for Idaho is that they are famous for their potatoes, so yes. As she steps into the bus, however, things take a turn that she couldn’t have planned.

Andrew Parish

On the same bus as Camryn Bennett is none other than our other main character; meet Andrew Parish. Andrew is about five or so years the senior of Camryn. Andrew has a story of his own, and it is a story of sorrow and suffering. Andrew is going from Texas to Wyoming for the reason of seeing his father who is on his deathbed.

Andrew is not too keen on going seeing as how the trip entails and, in a sense, only speeds up the passing away of the man that had a hand in his creation. The trip that must be taken is one that makes everything gain a dire nuance about itself. However, this is also probably the last chance he’ll get to see his father, so he can’t do anything but weather the plight on wheels and say his farewell.

A Chance Meeting of Fated Lovers

Once Camryn gets on the bus, the two of them can hardly miss each other. What Camryn sees in front of her is an attractively tall young man, with emerald eyes that can make anything transparent, short haircut, though an undeniably stylish one, and probably most noticeable of all, a lot of tattoos. In hand comes with the young chap a guitar; who doesn’t love a guitar player?

With only a few words exchanged between them, Camryn comes to the conclusion that the lad has a very alluring sense of humor. She likes Andrew from the very onset. With a little time spent together, they decide to take a trip. To where? Nowhere. However, that’s not where they go. Where do they go? Everywhere.

Change of Narrative

With this little digression, we would like to add that the narrative switches between the individual points of view that Andre and Camryn boast. We get to see how they react to one another beneath the shallow flesh – which surely lulls as an answer to the attraction and magnetism they share.

Accordingly, they aren’t smitten for each from the very first moment. A tension is palpable and allows for the story to slowly, yet surely, get us to the point where a romance has been achieved. Redmerski’s storytelling and prose style never cease to amaze, genuinely. If naught else, our book review of The Edge of Never has surely made the genre lover intrigued.

There’s More

The Edge of Always is the sequel to this wonderful book and is a great read! The Edge of Destiny has not been published yet, but it will follow the point of view of Parish’s relative, Lily.

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