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The Exile Book Review (2021)

William Kotzwinkle

The Exile is a fantasy fiction novel by author William Kotzwinkle in which you read the astonishingly well written, humorous, slightly creepy story about a middle-aged actor who is definitely going through some weird times in his life.

Outstanding Novels

William has proven himself by writing outstanding novels such as this one and many more like Queen of Swords and you would probably be excited when you hear about a novel that you haven’t read by him. This book review of The Exile will make sure you know what to expect from the novel itself.

The Exile Book

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David Caspian

The entire story is about a character named David Caspian, a 45-year-old actor who is swimming in riches, fame, and Hollywood luxury. You might be thinking that he is having the time of his life, but it seems like he is going through his middle-age crisis as David feels paranoid about his career as new, younger, and better-looking actors might be trying to take his place.

All of this stress is definitely not healthy and it might be the result of what is about to happen to David. The book quickly turns into an epic fantasy tale that looks like it’s about to get very thrilling with the adventure that awaits Caspian.

Crack of Time

We can’t say for sure what the reason for this event is in our The Exile book review, but David experiences something completely new to him, he slips into a crack of time and finds himself in a different place and time.

Black Market Merchant

In fact, he is in the era of Hitler and in his streets actually as David soon realizes that he has taken the body of a black market merchant called Felix. A crazy tale of adventure, struggle, danger, and uncertainty begins here as David is very confused and scared with a lot of things on his mind and a lot of people after him as well, well after Felix but it doesn’t matter now.

Another thing that David is facing is the fight with Felix himself as he is trying to take control of his body again. When you compare David’s old worries with these new ones, it seems like he had nothing to worry about before at all.

Chased By Gestapo

Now, he has the Gestapo chasing after him, David is searching for a way to survive all of this as he can’t tell the difference if it is just a weird dream or if this is actually real.

Whatever, the fact may be, it seems pretty real to him. If you are interested in what you read in this book review of The Exile, then be sure to check out the book itself as it holds an adventure that will be a thrilling read indeed. You can also take a look at another great story written by William, Doctor Rat book!

Slightly Different

Even if you are not a huge fan of William Kotzwinkle, you might find that this book proves a bit different in a good way as it holds a pretty unique and thrilling story that surprises the readers with a lot of exciting twists.

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Robert Hazley
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