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The Faithful Book Review (2021)

Carla Dickens

The Faithful by Carla Dickens is a story of politics that is most likely to be preferred by the readers among you who prefer to read about politics and some of the most interesting campaigns like in this book.

Carla Dickens has let her imagination run wild with this one as she writes about a very charismatic presidential candidate, one so great that no one has seen anyone similar in fifty years.

The Faithful Book

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Interesting Insight

This book review of The Faithful will definitely bring you some insight as what Carla writes about in the book and it might be a bit more attractive to people who are into politics because as we all know, either you are a person who enjoys reading about politics or you do not want anything to do with that topic.

If you are someone who is keen on reading stories about politics and presidential campaigns, then this is a book for you.

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Group of Volunteers

Carla writes in this book, about a group of volunteers who are full of energy, ambition, and dedication, and are also very devoted to this charismatic presidential candidate that we mentioned before.

The book is not all about the presidential candidate that grows to be loved by many, but it is primarily about The Faithful, the group that supports and follows some of the smartest young, driven, and ambitious men and women that are shaping the candidate to his full potential.

Campaign of 2008

The book is also about the presidential campaign of 2008, about this group of devoted minds that help the candidate in any way possible through the harsh times and ruthless politics that are present in a presidential campaign.

Why is this book so interesting? Well first, it probably won’t be for people who aren’t very keen on reading about politics as there are terms that are hard to understand for some mentioned in this novel, important but probably boring to some conversations that turn out to be the biggest and most important details of the book.

Complex Conversations

While all of these things won’t be very attractive to people who don’t have ambition for politic talk, it definitely will be very interesting for the opposite of them. The persons who enjoy reading about these complex and long conversations, the things that happen behind the scenes where no one has access to, and so many more thrilling events that take place in the book.

Wonderful Job

We find in our The Faithful book review that Carla Dickens has done a wonderful job of writing a book about the presidential campaign of 2008, but not from the candidate’s eyes, but through the eyes of this group that is known as The Faithful.

It is definitely a new and exciting way to look at the story and learn about things we didn’t know about this exciting story of politics.

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