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The Hollows Book Series Review (2021)

Amanda Hocking

With reviews about The Hollows (The beginning of the End) ranging from zero stars to five stars, I was intrigued to find out what all the fuss was about.

The five-star reviews of The Hollows book series all remark on the strong heroine in the form of Remy and most enjoy this strong female lead character.


The plot goes the way of most Zombie stories with the gnashing of teeth and lust for human flesh. What is different in The Hollows is that it is a short prequel to Amanda Hocking’s series called Hollowland and it certainly grips you from the word go.

The Hollows Book Series

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The Hollows sweeps you up and carries you along with Remy, the main character. Remy is just nineteen when her younger brother, Max goes missing from the camp where they have been quarantined due to a zombie outbreak. Nothing can stop Remy on her quest to find him–not even the mass of flesh-eating zombies! It is a tale of bravery in the face of adversity and unlikely friendships that form along the way.


It is also an insight into what happens to people when they are determined to survive. She does not have the time nor the patience for anything that gets in her way. She is even willing to turn her back on friends in need (bitten by zombies) and is a determined and purposeful young woman. And then the author introduces a lion as Remy’s pet and we feel our belief in the story and the character slipping away.

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Las Vegas

Using the setting of Las Vegas and the flaming zombie scene does nothing to inspire confidence in the abilities of young Remy or the abilities of the author. The author just expects too much of the reader and we are only able to suspend our intelligence for so long.

The pace is fast and jittery, designed to keep you on the edge of your seat or awake at night. On the less positive side, some book reviewer of The Hollow book series were disappointed by the basic lack of spelling and grammar checking in this self-published book.

Good to be Open-Minded

The quasi-pornographic descriptions do seem to cause offense and beg the question of whether this book is suitable for teens or would be more appropriate for young adults. However, we are quite open-minded and that’s what we covered this book in our selection of the best teen zombie books.

Cold Tone

Some readers think that Amanda Hocking did not invest enough time in refining the plot for The Hollows or make the characters distinctive and relatable. The tone seems to be cold and unemotional, but maybe we can forgive her for that because, when people are pushed to their limits during a zombie invasion, they probably don’t have the energy left to become emotional. The sequel to The Hollows is Hollowmen and true to form, things have not improved for Remy. They are worse.


Remy has spent the last six months in lockdown in a hospital where they are using her as a guinea pig to try and find a cure for the zombie infestation. She experiences the utmost cruelty from doctors as they perform horrific tests on her without painkillers.

She must have been almost relieved when the zombies broke into the hospital and the doctors departed in haste, leaving her to fend for herself. In typical Remy style, she stitches herself up and gets out of there.

And all the while, the zombies have been improving their communication skills and have become an even greater threat to the small groups of humans that are scattered around trying to evade being eaten.

Colder Climate

Remy and the survivors decide to head for a colder place in the north to try and get away from the zombies. Remy, together with a scientist and a soldier form a group and set off to reunite with her brother, Max before they head for Canada.

With the characters coming steadily under attack as they make this perilous journey, we become more aware of how one- dimensional the characters are and their actions aren’t entirely original.

Fortunately, it’s not a long book, so you keep reading in the hope that it will come to a satisfying conclusion or lead to another book in The Hollows series so that some of the questions could be answered.

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