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The Manitou Book Review (2021)

Graham Masterton

This story by author Graham Masterton is the one that starts a long book series that describes a truly terrifying tale of a horrible demon creature that adds meaning to the word fear. The scariest thing about it is definitely in this first book of the series as the story of how it came to be is something that will keep readers who are not fans of horror up at night.

Manitou Series

Even for the true fans of horror, it might prove disturbing as Graham has made sure to write the perfect horror fantasy story he could think of and make it even longer with his series called Manitou that contains six books. Check out this book review of The Manitou to find out how this amazing tale of horror starts and what to expect further from the series.

The Manitou Book

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Karen Tandy

As we mention in our book review of The Manitou, the story of how this horror tale starts is definitely a scary one as it begins with the life of a young and sweet girl, Karen Tandy. Her life turns into a nightmare when she was taken to the hospital to see if a lump that had been grown under her skin is something serious.


After some tests, it turns out that it is a fetus growing under the skin of her neck. Doctors are baffled and Graham introduces you to another character that will get pretty involved with Karen’s life. His name is Harry and he is a 30+-year-old guy that makes a living by providing sham psychic readings for people.

He snoops around the story of this mysterious fetus that is growing inside Karen and starts telling everyone that this is the reborn spirit of a great and powerful Native American medicine man called Misquamacus. No one believes him of course, would you?

A Spirit

As more time passes, Karen’s condition becomes worse and worse, the tumor grows larger, and soon after, the demon arrives. We show you the reason why this demon is so evil in our The Manitou book review, he is a spirit of a man who lived 400 years ago, whose tribe was exposed to horrible disease and then run off by Dutch settlers.

He had witnessed so many innocent people’s deaths and destruction that he now wants revenge. He takes over Karen’s mind and body and anyone who comes into contact with her and gets too close witnesses the true meaning of horror. Horrible acts of revenge follow after he takes over the girl’s soul that make the Manitou very unpredictable and terrifying.

Find Out!

His fear rains over for so long and as it seems that it ends in this book, the horror only continues in the next as he shows up again. Is there no getting rid of this terrible demon? You can find out for yourself how this all turns out after the long six books of the series.

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