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The Mayday Book Review (2021) – A Jack Merchant and Sarah Ballard Novel

Bill Eidson

The Mayday is the sequel to the wild adventure that Jack Merchant and Sarah Ballard had in the previous book by Bill Eidson called The Repo. If you haven’t read the first book of this series you can still get to meet the characters through this book review of The Mayday: A Jack Merchant and Sarah Ballard Novel.

Jack and Sarah

It is basically another adventure that follows the events of the previous one that Jack and Sarah went on. You get plenty more thrill, action, adventure, and a little bit of drama as well in this second book of the series.

The Mayday Book

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Short Introduction

First, an introduction of the two main characters that will be with you throughout the whole book is definitely necessary. Jack Merchant is a former agent for the DEA who was constantly on dangerous undercover missions and after a mission that got him pretty close to death.

Jack decides to retire early and buy a big boat on which he decides to live. Sarah comes into the story and Jack’s life a long time after they initially met once in the past and this time she is looking for Jack’s help again as she did in the first book. In The Repo, she wanted Jack to help her with solving a missing yacht case as she is actually a boat repo contractor.

Suspicious Accident

This time, in this novel, you find out that these two actually make a pretty cool duo and now they are investigating another case, a suspicious accident that happened during sailing off the Rhoad Island coast.

Matt Coulter

Everyone knew about this as an accident as the media and the police inform the public, but Matt Coulter comes to them with a different story that no one else believes to be true. He happened to be in the middle of everything when the so-called accident happened and he can’t remember everything due to his injuries, but he tells Jack and Sarah that this story is no accident as it involves a shipwreck and kidnapping.

They don’t know who to trust at first as the police say that Matt just can’t accept the loss of his wife and son in this sailing disaster and is going crazy.

Let’s Help Then

However, Sarah calls the shots on what case they can work on and Jack is just a freelancer who works for her so he agrees to help no matter what he believes to be true. 

Unstoppable Duo

We won’t spoil it in The Mayday book review, but the story gets even more exciting from there as they meet new enemies, they confront dangerous people and situations and manage to uncover a layer of secrets that bring them closer to solving this case.

You can definitely find out what this unstoppable duo manages to get themselves involved in and if they manage to survive everything that is about to happen. A story of action and adventure awaits you as you start reading this novel by Bill Eidson.

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