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The Mighty Storm Book Review (2021)

Samantha Towle

Exceptional writer Samantha Towle was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Samantha Towle is a great author, whose writing career first started in the year of 2008 upon her taking of maternity leave.


The manuscript for her debut novel was finished in a mere five months. Since that fateful day in 2008, Towle has not let up with her brilliant writing of novels. The genres that Towle frequents most are contemporary romances for which she is most famous and paranormal romance fiction novels, too.

The Mighty Storm Book

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One of Samantha Towle’s novels, namely Sacking the Quarterback was written along with the famous writer James Patterson, too! Towle’s novels have been on a number of bestseller lists, even the revered USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times lists, but on international lists, too. Towle has sold more than a million copies of her novels and they have been translated into as many as 10 languages, to this date.


At the present moment, Samantha Towle resides in East Yorkshire along with her spouse, their 2 children – a son and a daughter –, 3 fur-babies, and a cat that they adore. With all of that said, we can now give our book review.

The Storm Series

This book is widely accepted as being the quintessential Samantha Towle novel. We, of course, concede to this opinion seeing as how beloved this story actually is. The Mighty Storm book is a part of the superb The Storm series, which is compiled of a total of four primary novels and one tie-in novel between the third and fourth.

It is actually the first in the series and, spanning a hair over four-hundred pages, was published in the year of 2012. It was also included in our selection of the best rockstar romance books. Make sure to check it out!

The Driving Forces of the Story

The story follows Jake Wethers and Trudy Bennett. The two of them had been together when they were teenagers, however, the family of Jake had to relocate and to relocate very far away – to the other side of the Atlantic.

They were merely fourteen-year-olds when Jake moved away, but the intense power of a first love cannot be understated or overlooked. They tried to send each other letters, but this only exacerbated the dismal feelings of missing each other, so they forwent this completely and lost contact with one another.

A Decade Without a Word Spoken

Now, long twelve years have passed since they last saw each other. Trudy has focused a lot on her career, and she is given the opportunity to hold an interview with the lead singer of a very popular band, The Mighty Storm.

However, the lead singer is a person she knew once, she even loved him; it’s none other than Jake Wethers. Trudy noticed when Jake entered the limelight of stardom and she followed his career attentively. She even saw how the passing away of one of Jack’s friends and crewmembers affected him. This loss impacted him deeply, as he’s only just gotten out of a rehabilitation center.

Daunting Challenge

Working as the columnist for a United Kingdom magazine has its perks, of course. She has a nice life, a nice job, and a very nice boyfriend. On the other hand, this opportunity, though it seems alluring, is a daunting challenge for Trudy.

However, she can’t pass on this chance as it can make or break her career. After all, Jack is the lead singer of an internationally famous band, why would he remember her? Well, why might not matter here, since Jake hasn’t forgotten Trudy at all. They conduct the interview, Trudy doesn’t sugarcoat any of the questions, but her care and sympathy is evident as she prods Jake about all the things that have transpired in his life.

Beauty of the Past

Following the interview, Jake offers to take out Trudy to dinner on the pretenses that it would just be one for old time’s sake. They go out and it’s touching to see them reconnect in so featherweight a manner as they do. Trudy senses the feelings long thought to be forgotten reawake and her guilt bites at her: she has a boyfriend and yet she’s never felt something like this for him.

The following day, Trudy hopes to get on with her life, however, she finds out that Jake made a request for her to be the writer of his bio. This entails a trip with the band on their United States and Europe tour, and what’s more, being with Jake again…

Life-Changing Decision

The guilt that bit into Trudy, upon going on the trip, has now progressed to nibbling on her at each turn. She feels horrible for doing this to Will, but what can she do against the great urges of the heart? Nothing can really make the first love of a person go away and Trudy finds herself in the passionate embrace of Jake, an embrace she should have been in for the last twelve years.

The magnitude of anxiety, pain, unchained love, passion, and heartbreak that this novel features is unlike any other. One finds himself falling in love with the characters just as they fell in love with each other, but one feels like his own love is rancorous because of the kind, pleasant personality of Will. The tugs on the heart’s strings are mighty, truly.

Our Recommendations

Our The Mighty Storm book review has hopefully interested the reader for the novel, but also for the rest of the series. There are three more novels in the series! The second novel of the series also follows on the story of Trudy and Jake, so all your thirsts shall be slaked.

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