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The Palace Book Review (2021)

Saint-Germain Series

In 2003, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro published the second novel that now belongs to a book series called Saint-Germain that holds almost 30 books so far. In fact, Chelsea’s biggest part of her presence in the writing world comes from this book series about the world of the immortal vampire Francesco Ragoczy da San Germano.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Thanks to her outstanding devotion to her stories, she manages to write six hours per day, six days per week which eventually leads to publishing 3 to 4 books per year and one or two short stories in between. In this book review of The Palace, we tell you the story about Francesco Ragoczy, the immortal vampire who just wants to be by himself at this time.

The Palace Book

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After the story of the first book of the Saint-Germain book series, Hôtel Transylvania, in this sequel, Franceso just wants to isolate himself and be left alone in his Florentine palace. At least that’s what we all thought, including him, after he met Estasia and instantly fell in love with her.

Hope at Last

Francesco finds something in her that he has been looking for, something like the fact the someone will love him despite the fact that he is a vampire and he is patient since he is cursed to roam the Earth forever, watching human civilization evolve and getting to see everything that happens for a long time.

This vampire who is also an alchemist often enjoys the company of Lorenzo de’ Medici, a wise man who is a great leader and is making the city he lives in a great one. All of that changes when Lorenzo dies and everything pretty much falls apart.


The power shifts to a dark Dominican monk who goes by the name of Savonarola. He makes the lives of the people miserable as he condemns as many things as he can such as art, clothing, everyday comforts, and believes that these things make people distant from God and send them on their way to hell.

Secrets and Adventures

This story holds many secrets, a few adventures, stories of love and hate, passion, and a great devotion for a cause of saving someone’s beloved’s life. No wonder Chelsea has written 27 novels of the Saint- Germain series. The story goes far, spanning for many years, and there is always something new that this immortal vampire has to face.

Renaissance Florence

In our review of The Palace book, you read about his story in the beautifully described Renaissance Florence, facing the evil monk Savonarola and all of the terror he is about to inflict on the people while he holds all the power. We also covered the third book of the series, take a look at Blood Games book review.

Exciting Journey

If you have read the first book of the Saint-Germain book series by Chelsea, and now this book review of The Palace interests you in the second, then there is a big chance you are about to start the wonderful and exciting journey of reading all 27 books of this historical journey of an immortal vampire. If you are interested in the series, we wrote an article about the best Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books. Check it out!

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