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The Paratwa Book Review (2021)

Christoper Hinz

This novel is the last of The Paratwa Saga trilogy, a series by award-winning author Christoper Hinz who writes amazing science fiction novels and always manages to come up with new exciting and unique content for his fans.

The Paratwa Saga

The series starts with the book Liege-Killer where we get introduced with the Paratwa, identical and linked pairs of genetically modified species similar to humans that have one goal, complete domination over humanity. The story continues as well in the second book of the trilogy, Ash Ock where you meet new heroes that will also be seen in this third book which is the conclusion of the Paratwa Saga.

The Paratwa Book

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Paratwa Warriors

This book review of The Paratwa will let you in on how the final book of the series plays out and what events take place until the very ending of the book and the series. For more information about the trilogy, check out our selection of the best Christopher Hinz books.

They were introduced since the first book, Paratwa warriors genetically linked identical twins who are hard to take down in battle and have many advantages over humans. They have destroyed most of the planet Earth which leaves it completely uninhabitable and what is left of humanity is living on space stations.

Ultimate Destruction

When humans finally thought they had peace, the Paratwa race returns and threatens with their ultimate destruction. They begin working secretly within their space stations, messing with their technology and doing everything they can to conquer what is left of humanity.

We won’t forget to mention the heroes of the series, Paratwa hunters Nick and Gillian have been awakened from stasis to defend against these creatures and make sure they have a fighting chance.

Rogue Paratwa

An interesting twist comes now in our The Paratwa book review as you find out that Gillian is actually a rogue Paratwa and for her, the battle with them is not the only fight she has to win.

She is also fighting with her nature and is afraid that this truth might consume her. Gillian then embarks on her own journey to understand a new meaning and on that journey, she finds out who killed her other half because she too had an identical linked pair.

Important Revelation

Another, bigger truth is revealed right around here as Gillian finds out the real truth behind the creation of the Paratwa, a truly important revelation that adds new meaning to the series and to everything else.

Will the humans manage to fight off these genetically modified creatures, will Gillian find what she is looking for, and how will this long-awaited conclusion of the Paratwa Saga finally turn out?

Amazing Series

These are questions that you must find out for yourself as you read all of the books of the trilogy as it is the only way to fully enjoy and understand the whole story of the series.

We made sure not to spoil any huge parts of the plot so that you can enjoy the full experience of reading the books and finding out about the bigger and more important things that take place for yourself.

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