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The Repo Book Review (2021) – The Jack Merchant And Sarah Ballard Novels

Bill Eidson

Bill Eidson, the author of this thriller novel doesn’t take a break from writing these amazing novels that are filled with so many twists and secrets that always leave the readers wanting more. Bill is great at what he does, writing thrillers, and he has been appreciated for his work by receiving a few awards.

Mystery, Romance, Action

Now, as you will see from this book review of The Repo, he brings his fans a new thrilling story that talks about mystery, romance, action, and a lot of drama as well. The Mayday is the sequel to this amazing book. To learn more about it, check out our The Mayday book review.

The Repo Book

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Jack Merchant

One of the first characters that you will get to meet in the book is Jack Merchant. He is a former DEA agent who actually decided to retire earlier after coming close to death in a horrible incident on a previous mission. After retiring, Jack buys a 40-foot boat that he has named Lila and is currently living in it at the Marina in Charlestown.

Make Money Fast

That’s the same Boston suburb where he had previously spent one year taking down drug dealers and managing to make a lot of new enemies along the way, something that, of course, would prove to be a bad thing, but in this case, it will turn out to actually help Jack later on. He actually starts to realize that this boat of his is actually costing him the last of his money and he needs to figure out a way to make more money fast.

Sarah Ballard

That’s exactly when a huge opportunity shows itself in front of him. Approaching Jack is Sarah Ballard, a woman that he knows from his past and now she is the one who runs her father’s business of repossessing boats. She offers Jack work, to help her track down a missing couple who have disappeared along with their very expensive yacht.

Strong Attraction

Jack doesn’t know what to say as he finds Sarah very intriguing and starts noticing a strong attraction towards her. Jack tries to show this attraction to Sarah as they start working on this case, but he quickly realizes that she has actually recently gone through some pretty rough times that had left her scarred and she is in no way looking for relationships or connections with anyone right now.

You will soon find out what makes this one of Bill’s popular thriller novels as the events that follow will make you want to jump into the book and be with the characters yourself.

Pure Thrill

On top of these two main characters in the book, you meet a few more that aren’t as important, but definitely add a lot of meaning to the story. You meet someone with the characteristics of a cowardly and tricky banker and a super-wealthy businessman who always has his loyal handyman at his side.

Hopefully, you see what this thriller by Bill Eidson is all about from this The Repo book review and you are excited to see what kind of thrill you will read about the characters inside.

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