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The Rose Garden Book Review (2021)

Susanna Kearsley

The Rose Garden is a novel by Susanna Kearsley that tells you a story that travels through time and introduces you to characters from very different times in history.


The main character in the novel who narrates how the story goes is a girl called Eva who is about to experience some of the weirdest and definitely never before seen events of her lifetime. This The Rose Garden book review will make sure you know what to expect before you start reading this truly fascinating and memorable story for yourself.

The Rose Garden Book

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As we mentioned, the protagonist of the story is a girl called Eva who is in the middle of mourning her sister’s death, a famous movie start who had to go too early. Eva decides to spread her sister’s ashes at the place where they had the most fun as kids and where they used to spend all of their summers filled with excitement and carefree adventures.

This place that we speak of in this book review of The Rose Garden is a house in Cornwall. We included this wonderful book in our selection of the best time travel romance books. Check it out!

A Huge Surprise

Little did Eva know that a very interesting and unique surprise is waiting to be discovered in this house that she is headed to. When Eva gets to Cornwall to spread her sister’s ashes, she discovers that the place is the same as well as everything around it, the only difference is that she isn’t exactly in the same time as where she comes from.

She realizes that she has traveled centuries back, not knowing how only to discover that this house where she spent many fun and enjoyable summers in is now home to people who live in the 18th century.

Not Too Bad

She chooses to accept this new and disturbing situation as she doesn’t know what else to do and realizes soon that life in this time or place isn’t actually all that bad and the main reason for this way of thinking for Eva is because she saw a special character who immediately caught her eye.

Daniel Butler

We introduce you to the second most important character of the novel in our book review of The Rose Garden, a guy named Daniel Butler who Eva falls so madly in love with.

Eva quickly realizes that she is able to slip in between timelines as many times as she wants so she makes repeated visits to this place just to hang out and get to know Daniel better. This mysterious and very surprising story quickly turns into a romantic one as their relationship grows closer and closer.


She knows all too well that this isn’t exactly a thing that you get to see every day and she even fights a moral dilemma between staying here or returning where she thinks she belongs, in the present with everyone she knows.

You also get to find out from this The Rose Garden book review that this decision proves very difficult to make and Eva begins to struggle without knowing how to proceed. She feels that she has gotten very happy here along with Daniel, but there is also something that is holding her back because she already has a life back in her own time.

Memorable Story

What would you do if you were facing this difficult decision? You can find out how Eva finally decides to act from the book itself as you begin reading this truly fascinating story full of fun mysteries, epic romance, and a very memorable and unique story.

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