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The Time Machine Book Review (2021)

H. G. Wells

The Time Machine is a science fiction novel by the legendary author H. G. Wells who might have even come up with the term time machine itself as he sets the ground for a new type of story in science fiction. Don’t miss out on our review of the best science fiction books if you want to find out more.

Many Adaptations

The story you get to read in the book, and the one we explain to you about in this book review of The Time Machine, is so interesting, that it even managed to be adapted to three films and a few television series. You definitely know that there is something good inside the pages of this book.

The Time Machine Book

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800.000 years

In the story, Wells talks about mainly one specific character who doesn’t have a name and is being referred to as the Time Traveler throughout the whole novel. Wells sets a story for him, one that involves the Time Traveler to be sent into a far different world than his, specifically 800.000 years beyond his own time, where the world that he lives in is barely recognizable. Who would think, that you can find this book in our selection of the best time travel books as well? Check it out!

New Term

The reason, he is able to do this never-before-seen process, is because he has invented something called a Time Machine and when Wells originally wrote and published this book, that term wasn’t very popular among the readers. It was later, that everyone started using it more and many more started using the concept in a variety of books and movies.


There are a lot of details that make the story even more interesting that we can’t mention all of them in this The Time Machine book review. One of those is that the Time Traveler first tests his invention and sends himself five hours into the future. He doesn’t realize it at first but later notices that there is something different and he confirms that it works.

Curious of what the possibilities of this machine are, he continues forward and gets way out of control when he realizes that he has ended up in a magnificent garden and that he is currently in the year A.D. 802.701.


In this very new place to him, this character manages to find out a lot about this fascinating future of his world as he meets a new race of beings called the Eloi, a society of tiny and adorable people where even the adults look like little children.

The author describes them well, which is why the story is super fun to read as he tells his readers that these people are living in huge buildings that are slowly deteriorating and that they live on a fruit-based diet.

Afraid of the Dark

A lot of things happen in this new timeline, the Time Traveler gets to find out so much about these people like the fact that they live generally carefree lives but they are deathly afraid of the dark. Many more twists follow in this thrilling science fiction story like when he returns to the site where he arrived at this time only to find out that his time machine is missing. You can only imagine the fear that this brings to our protagonist.

Locked Inside

He manages to find a trail that looks like the machine had been dragged slowly by someone or something. Following the trail, the Time Traveler reaches a nearby structure that has super strong doors and is locked from the inside, he definitely knows that there is someone inside now and they might have his Time Machine.

A few more interesting scenes follow this one which you can find out for yourself as you go beyond this book review of The Time Machine and start reading this thrilling story.

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