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The Unhoneymooners Book Review (2021)

Christina Lauren

Writers Lauren Billings and Christina Hobbs are the creators of Christina Lauren and they write the works together, but publish them in the form of one person – Christina Lauren, a combination of their respective first names.


Christina Lauren’s works primarily belong to the Young Adult, romance, and contemporary genres. Accordingly, Lauren’s books have been featured on the prestigious bestsellers lists of USA Today and the New York Times. Even in terms of international sales, Christina Lauren has achieved quite a lot. Her name can be also found on our list of the best new romance books. Make sure to check it out.

The Unhoneymooners Book

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Fateful Meeting

Hobbs and Billings happened to acquaint themselves in the year of 2009. Upon meeting, they saw that they were quite synchronized in terms of writing and whatnot, so they tried their hand at making a novel together. In only a year or two, they had begun publishing works and had signed with agent H. Root. The books have been translated into more than twenty languages, with many of them being bestsellers.


When Christina and Lauren aren’t busy with writing their next bestseller, they cherish the time they get to spend at conventions. For The Unhoneymooners book, Christina Lauren was awarded the 2019 Bookbub Best Romance Award. A number of other awards number in the accolades of Christina Lauren. For the Lambda Literary Award of 2017, their work was featured as a finalist. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

It is certainly one of the first books that pops inside of the mind of the reader when the best works of Christina Lauren are mentioned, and with good reason. It is a standalone novel that was published in the year of 2019. You can also find it in our selection of the best contemporary romance books.


The main characters are Olive, Ami, Dane, and Ethan. Olive and Ami have been acquainted since their time in the womb; indeed, Olive and Ami are identical twins. They have had their differences throughout the years, but they remain loving of each other while slightly charged at times.

In the eyes of Olive, Ami was the one that inherited all of the luck, while she got the scraps, in a sense. Olive, for one, had lost her job and was forced to relocate and live along with her family seeing as her roommate left and the rent couldn’t possibly be met in those conditions.

Internet Contest

Ami, on the other hand, has all that she could ever get, as Olive would be eager to note. Ami is head over heels for Dane, and rightfully so – the two of them are getting married. Dane doesn’t really seem mature to Olive, but she is, all the same, satisfied that her sister found someone that loves her indefatigably.

The whole wedding ceremony and the particulars have all been financed by way of, in spite of how unbelievable it might seem, winning contests played on the Internet. All that Ami asked of Olive had to do with the best man, Ethan – the elder brother of Dane. Ethan and Olive aren’t really fanciful of one another; their very first encounter hadn’t been exactly one to warm anyone’s heart.

Things We Do For Love

Now, Olive isn’t exactly ecstatic about having to endure a whole day of being in the general proximity of Ethan, but it has to do with her dear sister and she’ll bear the weight somehow. After all, once it finishes, she’ll be free to go back to her life: her very misfortunate life.

As the reception starts, it quickly becomes clear that things have gone awry, at least for Ami. The shellfish dish doesn’t seem to be foretelling a toilet-free future for the ones that have consumed it. However, it seems that a mere two people of the whole wedding have managed to keep away and have thus not been food-poisoned. Who may these two be? Why, Ethan and Olive, of course.

Nice Offer

Now, if the conditions were any more ordinary, the fact that Ethan and Olive are oddly exempt from food poisoning wouldn’t mean anything save that Olive would finally have some form of luck to cling to. However, Ami and Dane have a honeymoon – one that has been completely paid for – in Maui, and it seems that they aren’t going to be able to enjoy themselves there.

Not wanting it to go to waste, Ethan and Olive, seeing as they are the only ones eligible to travel, are given the chance to go on in the stead of Ami and Dane. They are initially less than enthused, but they’re surely not going to say no to an opportunity like that.

A Relaxing Vacation or a Tense Sham?

When they have arrived, the two are resolute that they aren’t going to do anything together and are resolved to stay away from each other. A chance meeting of Olive with her to-be boss – if all works out well, that is – compels her to say that she is on a genuine honeymoon and that Ethan is her lawfully wedded husband.

As it turns out, if Ethan doesn’t want to play along, then she might even lose her job before she’s even started working… one way or the other, Olive has got to get Ethan to help her out. Her streak of bad luck might just be looking up if she manages to get along with Ethan for the following ten days. Or might it be longer than ten?

There Is More

Doubtlessly, our book review of The Unhoneymooners conveys our enthusiastic thoughts on the novel’s worth and we are sure that the reader will find it a brilliant read! A few other novels from Christina Lauren that the reader is sure to love reading are the following bunch: Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating, Love and Other Words, and the Beautiful series including Beautiful Bastard book – for good measure.

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