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The Venging Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

This science-fiction book is by an amazing author who writes these types of stories and has also had the pleasure of receiving a few awards for his exciting science fiction and fantasy novels. Although he doesn’t have many collection books like this one which is his first one of the sorts for that matter.

Greg Bear definitely never disappoints with whatever content he releases. You may even know some of the individual books from this collection and their full stories which means that you are a true fan of Greg’s and you will definitely find this book review of The Venging quite interesting. We wrote an article about the best Greg Bear books. Don’t forget to check it out.

The Venging Book

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Gorgeous Worlds

As you dive into the contents of this collection from Greg Bear, you will have the pleasure of learning about some quite interesting and unbelievably gorgeous worlds created by him and the stories and adventures that lie within.

Living Cities

All of the characters and lives you get to meet in this collection move on out of this book to form whole stories about the worlds they live in and the lives they lead in their own books. For example, a few we can mention in our The Venging book review are ones like the story of the living cities that have minds of their own.

After some time, these cities realize that the humans that built them and that are currently living in them, demanding a lot, are simply not necessary in their presence, so they cast them out. This one turns into a long story full of adventures and plans to overtake the cities and regain their homes.


Another one is the story of Scattershot, in this one, Greg describes a world where many alien species exist at the same time and eventually meet at a neutral space where the story has a chance to introduce some crazy twists and turns that make everything a lot more interesting from thereon.


The stories don’t end there, don’t worry. We present the world of Hardfought which is a story that Greg has brilliantly designed that faces a plot in which humans have the chance to communicate with aliens that results in the start of whole new fun and exciting adventures filled with high tech gadgets and unique and thrilling characters. To learn more about it, check out our Hardfought book review.


We can cover one more story for you in our review of The Venging book, but it certainly doesn’t end here. The last one we will talk about is a novel called Petra, a story of a chaotic world where nothing is as it should and the mind of the rich and powerful control reality.

Your Best Chance

For those of you who have been wanting to get familiar with the stories of Greg Bear and his amazing science fiction worlds, this is definitely your chance as this collection is perfectly fitted for a fast introduction to some of his stories.

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