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The Witness Book Review (2021)

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is without a doubt one of the most famous writers living and releasing novels, today. Nora was born in 1950, on the 10th of October. She is from Silver Spring, situated in Maryland. The birth name of Nora is actually Eleanor Marie Robertson.

On the topic of names, Nora is wont to assume pseudonyms on some occasions, like J. D. Robb and Sarah Hardesty. To this day, Nora has released north of two-hundred-and-twenty books. She is very much regarded as a prominent figure in the writing world and she was the first inductee into the Romance Writer’s of America’s Hall of Fame.

The Witness Book

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Eleanor Marie Robertson was born and raised in Silver Spring, and she was the youngest of five siblings. Her parents were descendants from Ireland, which is why Roberts considers herself an Irishwoman to this day.

In her youth, Roberts went to a Catholic school, however in her high school sophomore year made a switch to Montgomery Blair High School. It was there that she met her to be husband Ronald Aufdem-Burke. Ronald and Nora married just after high school. Their marriage lasted for a decade and a half, ending in 1983 as they divorced. In 1985, though, Nora married Bruce Wilder.


In her writing, Nora frequently authors trilogies and they almost always feature the same main cast of characters. She also prefers paperbacks to hardbacks because of the lengthy-time period needed for the latter’s crafting. Now, let’s take a look at our book review.

Standalone Novel

This book was one of five novels that Nora Roberts published in the year of 2012, the least number that she had published in one year in quite some time. The reason for this might be because The Witness book is so potent work. It is a standalone novel that grips the reader like the best of Nora’s tend to do. You can also find the book in our selection of the best Mystery romance books.

Elizabeth Fitch

The main character is none other than Elizabeth Fitch. Elizabeth, as we come to know her, is a mere sixteen-year-old. Her mother is Doctor Susan L. Fitch. Elizabeth was a product of in vitro fertilization, meaning that the sperm donor was a chosen one and her mother was impregnated artificially. The donated sperm, at hand, was meticulously picked so as to ensure the greatest quality of physical attractiveness, vitality, and intelligence. The conceiving of Elizabeth was a success.

Elizabeth was told of this many times, as her mother was the one controlling the majority of her life – everything from school to wardrobe to food, even the most minute things. As it turns out, Elizabeth is in fact considered a genius. She even has a photographic memory.

Harvard Medical School

Now, as a sixteen-year-old Elizabeth is just about to start her freshman year at Harvard Medical School, though it’s not of her own genuine volition. In all of her life, Elizabeth had never been anything less than completely and unwaveringly obsequious to her mother. There is a first time for everything, though.

A Life Turned Upside Down

It began as a quarrel, something that Susan Fitch was not used to from Elizabeth. Upon departing for a convention for her work, Elizabeth had gone to a shopping mall – her first-ever – and she encountered a former classmate. The two of them come up with the idea to go out that same night; fake identification, a club, attractive guys, and the whole nine yards.

Things take a turn, though, and Elizabeth finds herself in protective custody since she was the witness to a heinous crime. Things go awry with the protective custody thing as well and Elizabeth takes leave of her own volition without anyone’s knowledge. This is the point in the story where we see the resilience of Elizabeth. While she had thus far been very clever, intriguing, yet obedient, it is a breath of fresh air to see her take charge of the situation.

Where the Story Picks Up

We take a trip into the future, some twelve years in fact. Elizabeth is no more; long live Abigail Lowery. She resides in a town located in the Ozarks and she much likes the scenery. She’s happy with having this as her home, yet she is aware that it won’t last her. Despite that indomitable fact, Abigail relishes in her butterfly and vegetable gardens.

She doesn’t seem friendly to people around, though, since she is fairly isolated. Accordingly, Abigail has made it her expertise to be always on watch and her safety precautions are second to none. As neighbors and small-town residents are wont to do, someone makes a genuine attempt at entering the secluded life of Elizabeth.

Belonging Somewhere for the First Time Ever

The Chief of Police of the town is Brooks Gleason. Brooks has an eye on Abigail, but this eye is only interested in her because she seems like an enigmatic person. He repeatedly shows up out of nowhere until Abigail is forced to lower a bit of her guards and let him in. On the other side, though, she’s never been in a romantic relationship. While a genius in the brain, her heart isn’t as articulate and she has issues expressing her feelings.

Their time together is a definite high point in the novel. Brooks keeps on easing into Abigail’s life and she falls in love with him. However, the past has a way of making its way back to one when one is least expectant of it. Is she too high-tail it once more or should she stand her ground and open up her heart to Brooks?

More Than Enjoyable

Why, surely one didn’t expect our The Witness book review to reveal that portion of the story. Tell you what, we know exactly where once can enjoy the luscious and infinitely enjoyable story of The Witness book. Just purchase the novel and enjoy the brilliance of it. The Obsession, Whiskey Beach, and Promises in Death are a few novels from Nora that we can’t but recommend.

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