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There’s a Dragon in Your Book Review (2021)

Engaging and Interactive

Do you have young ones who really love dragons, baby dragons to be more precise? If that happens to be the case, then welcome to one of the best dragon books for children out there that has a very engaging and interactive writing and reading style that no child can resist.

Tom Fletcher

This book is written by an author who is kind of a master at these types of books, his name is Tom Fletcher and this book is another one of his interactive and colorful books for children. His other famous works like this one include There’s a Monster in Your Book, There’s an Elf in Your Book, and There’s an Alien in Your Book.

There’s a Dragon in Your Book

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Who’s In Your Book? Series

Tom is working together with a master illustrator for these things, known as Greg Abbott. Together, this duo has created one of the most desired children’s books around and the results are through the roof. No wonder, that this amazing book deserved a place among the 14 best dragon books for kids.

The contents of this thrilling book full of some of the most beautiful illustrations by Greg are very engaging as the author urges the young readers to use their imagination and he also makes them feel excited for what the next pages will have to offer.

Let’s Dive Into The Story

It’s time for this There’s a Dragon in Your Book review to show you what you can expect from the story inside. It all starts with a cute little purple egg on the first page of the book and a few words under it. This is definitely enough to make you wonder what comes next.

The author reveals what kind of egg this is, a dragon egg, and warns the little ones to be careful while turning the pages. After the first turn, the dragon egg has hatched and an adorable baby dragon emerges from inside.

Solving the Problems

The reason that the following pages are even more exciting is that Tom has made this book to be super engaging and interactive as the kids need to put in the work to solve the problems that are presented before them in the following pages. After offering the chance to tickle the baby dragon’s cute little nose, it sneezes and accidentally sets the next page on fire – not literally of course. Now, the readers have to figure out a way to put out the fires before the whole book burns and disappears.

There are a couple of different ways that they try to do this but it only seems to be getting worse. They try to blow it out with the dragon, but the baby dragon only spreads the fire more and more. You can imagine how fun this would be for a young one who can’t resist an adorable baby dragon.

Figuring Out How to Stop the Fire

Next in our review follow even more exciting events. The next few tries can’t seem to put it out still and the story suggests that the kids use their hands to tap and tap until it disappears, but this only seems to be making the fire bigger and this attempt still doesn’t succeed.

The next thing that the story proposes to the children is to use their creative side and imagination to create a big balloon that is filled with water so that they can pop it and use the water from inside to hopefully put out these fires.

Funny Situations

Finally, this works and you can imagine how cheerful this whole situation will be for any child that has put in the hard work into putting out these fires. And a little acting here and there as you read this fascinating book to them will definitely help with the laughing-out-loud part of this book as there are plenty of opportunities to act goofy. If you like this book, you might be interested in checking out our review of the best dragon books ever written.

Next comes a treat for the dragon, and hopefully for your young ones as well as a reward for all of the hard work with putting out the fires in the book. The author urges the children to use their imagination once more and think of a nice and tasty treat for the dragon. Turning the next page reveals a super tasty and delicious ice cream which is enough to make the bellow of anyone, even a dragon, very full.

Way Too Heavy

After finishing this scrumptious treat, the baby dragon feels like going home and relaxing so he says goodbye and tries to fly off, but wait a minute, it seems that it can’t even take off from the ground and this just might be because of that tasty but large ice cream treat he ate just a while ago.

The author and the dragon ask for the children’s help one more time as they are supposed to flap the covers of the book up and down, just like the wings of the dragon, and help it to lift off and fly back home. Luckily for everyone, the last page of the book holds one more thrilling surprise for everyone, there are a ton of new dragon eggs that you get to see and all of them hatch too, revealing a bunch of even cuter and more adorable baby dragons that will just melt the heart of anyone away.

What a Story!

That’s it, the end of There’s a Dragon in Your Book has finally arrived, and what a story it was huh? This is definitely the type of book that tons of parents can see their young ones enjoying and also making sure that they use their imagination daily as that is a very important part of growing up. Thanks to the amazing baby dragon character inside, the very engaging story, and the gorgeous illustrations, your kids now have a new way of keeping entertained and happy.

Hopefully, you like our review and now you know what to expect before getting the book for your own children. The story inside is definitely engaging and fun with exciting moments and images on every page.

Alissa Wynn
Alissa Wynn
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