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Thicker Than Blood Book Series Review (2021)

Madeline Sheehan and Claire C. Riley

They say two heads are better than one, and with this series, Thicker than Blood, the two authors, Madeline Sheehan and Claire C. Riley, have come up with a truly believable tale of two best friends who make it through the most horrific zombie invasion and their catastrophes.

Thicker than Blood Book Series

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Thicker than Blood 8.62/10 366 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Beneath Blood and Bone 9.12/10 308 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Seamless Blend

They are only able to achieve this by sticking together. The authors modeled this in their writing and what they produced blended seamlessly and it was impossible to tell where one writer ended and the other began. Let’s take a closer look at our Thicker Than Blood book series review. You can even find the series in our selection of the best zombie romance books! Take a look!

Leisel and Evelyn

Thicker than Blood tells the heart-breaking story of Leisel and Evelyn. They find friendship and a special bond develops because they have lost everything and everyone important to them in their lives before the zombies took over the world and their loved ones. It is a dark story that envelopes you into their nightmare from the first page. The excellent writing leaves you feeling raw, but still wanting more.

Desperate Journey

Having to rely on each other to get through the zombie invasion, these two muddles through one disaster after the next. They embark on a desperate journey to find a haven and meet many dangers along the way. The two women witness horrifying violence and almost insurmountable problems as they try to cling to their mortality.

Alex and Jami

Meeting up with Alex and Jami should have helped them as there is usually safety in numbers, but these two men only add complications and they end up experiencing even more loss in their lives. Alex’s love for Leisel is meant to help her mend her broken heart, but is there a place for love when you are in a living nightmare?

They realize that everything in life comes at a price. Even the things that were once a given have now become a luxury. Feelings of being safe, warm, and loved are long-forgotten in this zombie-crazed world that they are trying to exist in.

Grim Realities

Thicker than Blood is a grim read, full of all the harsh realities of surviving in a world overtaken by hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. But, surprisingly, they are not the only things to be afraid of.

The desperate humans who have survived the invasion have now become the worst version of themselves – selfish, greedy, and violent. They give the zombies a good run for their money in the competition for being the vilest.

Beneath Blood and Bone

Beneath Blood and Bone is the second book in the Thicker than Blood book series. Things have moved on in the world of the two friends, Leisel and Evelyn, but not in a good way. With the whole of humanity terminated and replaced with two equally terrifying races – The Biters and others who must avoid being discovered by the Biters.

Beneath Blood and Bone is written chillingly and credibly by the same two authors who, once again, have produced an outstanding story set in a world full of destruction.

There Will Be Blood

There will be blood that allows the story to unfold in a way that reflects the character’s experiences of despair, anger, and hate. And there may be a little romance, but don’t be disappointed if this is overshadowed by the evil and vengeful Liv, who wants nothing more than to suck everyone into the black hole that she crawled out of.

It will be difficult to get this series off of your mind long after you have finished reading the end of There will be blood. These two authors leave you wanting more every time. We must always remember that true friendship never ends.

Robert Hazley
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