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This Man Book Review (2021)

Jodi Ellen Malpas

Exceptional novelist Jodi Ellen Malpas was born on the 15th of April, 1980, in Northampton, England, United Kingdom. Jodi Ellen Malpas is a wonderful writer whose works belong primarily to the romance genre.

As of yet, every novel that Malpas has published has been a New York Times bestseller coupled with being an international bestseller, as well. The novels of Malpas have been translated in more than two dozen different languages.

This Man Book

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Life and Career

As we noted, Malpas was born and brought up in Northampton, in the Midlands. Malpas had been writing without letting pretty much anyone know of her aspirations for quite a lengthy period. It was in 2012 that Malpas first debuted on the scene and has since marked great success. Jodi loves writing stories that have a strength in them, ones that are driven by characters which will be memorable for the reader and that will take the reader on an adventure throughout the novel.

Still, to this day, Malpas resides in Northampton with her puppy beagle and two boys. In her free time, Malpas enjoys daydreaming and drinking a fine Mojito. With that all said, let us proceed with our book review.

This Man Series

This book was the first novel that Jodi Ellen Malpas published and it is still one of her greatest works. It is a brilliant story which at no point stops amazing and amusing the reader. The novel is the first in a series of four books and a couple of tie-ins bearing the same name. This Man book was published in the year of 2012. For more information, take a look at our selection of the best billionaire romance books.

Jumping Straight into a Tale so Satisfying

This Man book follows the character of Ava O’Shea. Ava is in her twenties, more so in the middle than on the decades’ antipodes. Ava works as an Interior Designer and she resides in the beauty that is London. Ava is quite adept and proficient at her job, so offers are never lacking.

However, it just so happens that an offer has been made to her boss for Ava to go to The Manor. The Manor is supposed to be a hotel located in the foothills of Surrey. The job would entail redesigning a number of the rooms. The weird and curious thing about all of this is that Ava was the one specifically requested, not given the job as she is usually.

Trip to The Manor

Nevertheless, Ava takes a trip to The Manor and comes to meet its owner, a man named Jesse Ward. As the two meet each other, they both feel and sense a palpable, potent magnetism between them.

We see that they are both as if under the influence when in each other’s presence and during the tour of the hotel and the rooms that require redesigning, Ava is barely able to go through the regular motions. Jesse isn’t any better on the inside, though he is a bit better at controlling his nerves and his air of calmness is maintained far better than that of Ava.

Under the Façade of Ava

We take a deeper look into the life of Ava and see that she does have some emotional baggage, though nothing excessive. She has fairly recently broken up with her boyfriend of four years at the moment of breaking it off. As it turns out, Ava currently resides in the same home as her friend Kate.

For what it’s worth, though, Ava does find being single and without the burden of a boyfriend as a fine and pleasant experience after having been in a relationship for so long. For the time being, Ava isn’t thinking about getting into a romance again, but things scarcely ever go as we plan them, now do they?

Enigmatic Man

On the other hand, Jesse is frankly a very enigmatic man. His looks are off the charts, he is tall, and the way that he talks could have any girl ready to swoon and fall in a trance.

Even though Ava is adamant at the start, Jesse pursues her with an indomitable will. Initially, Ava was under the impression that he had a girlfriend so she tried to stay away, but as they begin to see each other more and more often, with Jesse being persistent in his attempts at her, she lets go and gives it a try.

From this point, we see Jesse in his own element. He is unreasonable, possessive, overly protective, and wont to change his mood at a whim; the way that Ava responds to this is by letting herself completely open to him and his steamy, erotic embrace.

What’s Mine is Mine

With time, we see that Jesse’s overprotective tendencies are based on the fact that he is afraid of losing Ava. There isn’t a reason for this dread of his, though he is incessant about entirely having Ava for himself. To top it all off, Jesse is as mysterious as ever with Ava. He is unwilling to tell her even normal things, like his age, what The Manor is all about, and, oh, why he has a large scar about his swoon-worthy abs.

Awesome Book

Now, how the story will progress forward, whether Jesse will take on a forthright mantle, whether they will reveal to each other that they’re just crazy for one another, whether they’ll call it quits, we and our review can’t say. We suggest buying the book if the reader is fascinated by our This Man book review. The following books are the sequels to this novel: Beneath This Man, This Man Confessed, and With This Man. We can’t recommend them all enough, truthfully.

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