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Thumbprints Book Review (2021)

Pamela Sargent

Thumbprints is a short story collection by author Pamela Sargent that contains a story titled the same as this book that maybe is one of the best ones inside, as well as a few others that are of similar quality. A few genres range in these short stories, but most of them remain science fiction stories.

Accomplished Career

This Nebula and Locus award-winning author brings you some of her best work that spans in periods from the 1970s until the very recent years. We will make sure to fill you in on what to expect from the contents inside as well as what short stories are in this collection in our book review of Thumbprints.

Thumbprints Book

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Gather Blue Roses

We start from some of her best stories from the 1970s, a story called Gather Blue Roses that talks about the very real pain of suffering told by mothers, children, and all alike. The story talks about a few characters, mainly the children of Anna, a holocaust survivor, and Samuel Greenbaum. We included this book in our review of the best Pamela Sargent books.

If Ever I Should Leave You

The story is an interesting one as many can relate to what the characters inside are experiencing. Then, we have another story by Pamela that was published in the 1970s, If Ever I Should Leave You. This short story talks about love and a passionate relationship between people, but the strangest thing about it is that some of the characters inside have the ability to cheat death.

Heartbreaking Story

As exciting as that sounds it’s actually not all that straightforward as they age pretty rapidly after doing that for so long. It’s a fun and heartbreaking story to read which we can’t explain all about in this book review of Thumbprints, but you will find others as exciting as this one within the collection.

After these, we move to the 1980s, a time when Pamela definitely improves upon her writing even more and manages to release even more exciting content. But, aside from those great ones, we can definitely say in our Thumbprints book review that Pamela’s more recent work definitely shines above all else.


As she writes stories like Amphibians where Pamela talks about the life of a woman who has a lot on her mind and a lot to deal with such as her father’s death which only adds to the things already on her mind. Now, probably the best one of this collection, the short story that bears the same title as this collection, Thumbprints.

Thumbprints is a short story by Pamela that talks about the life of a sleazy literary agent and his disturbing and constant practice of robbing the graves of famous literary personalities. We do not know if this agent is involved with their deaths or not, but we do know that he likes to steal the riches that they have been buried with.

Even More Interesting

The story and his business get a lot more interesting when a frustrated writer, Shanna Youngerman, gets involved in all of this and she begins to ask questions that leave the agent in very bad situations.

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