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Time Book Series Review (2021)

Jack Finney

The Time book series by author Jack Finney contains two books, Time and Again and From Time to Time, which tell a story of adventure, mystery, a heartbreaking romance, and a lot of nostalgia as the main character is sent back in time for an important government experiment.

Simon Morley

In this book series review of Time, you get to read about the adventures through certain events back in time that include the main character of the series, Simon Morley.

Time Book Series

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Time and Again 8.52/10 399 Pages Check Price On Amazon
From Time to Time 8.06/10 304 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Time and Again

We start out this Time book series review with the first book, Time and Again, in which you read about the story of how Simon Morley goes back in the 19th century to uncover a mystery that happens in the 20th century by starting from its roots in the 19th. If you like the topic of time traveling, you must check out our review of the best time travel book series!

New York

He is transported to the city of New York where he must find out the roots of this mystery. He knows what he must do ever since his journey begins and he believes that it is a straightforward mission. However, he quickly finds himself in the middle of a huge moral dilemma that would decide the fate of the rest of his life.

Huge Dilemma

All of this happens when Morley meets a beautiful woman who immediately becomes the love of his life as they fall in love with each other and become inseparable. This is the dilemma that Morley has to face, where should he continue his life, right here with the love of his life or back home with the rest of his people?

It sounds like a super hard choice and it definitely is as you can see by reading the book for yourself. You definitely won’t forget this story anytime soon as the narrative of it makes you feel like you are right beside the main character and everything that happens to him.

From Time to Time

There is a lot more to the plot of this novel than just the things that you can see in this Time book series review and you can find out more as you check out the books for yourself. This brings us to the second and last book of the Time series, From Time to Time. In this direct sequel to the first book, you read about another very important mission that Simon must accomplish.

Ruben Prien

Ruben Prien who works at the secret government-sponsored project wants Simon to leave the new home that he has made for himself in 1880 with his loved one and travel through time again to 1912 where he is tasked with protecting a very important man who is traveling across the Atlantic. It’s not so much about the man as it is about the very vital documents that he is carrying which will result in the start of World War I.

The Titanic

Here begins the very exciting story that will also remain inside your thoughts for a long time as Simon finds himself on the biggest ship to ever touch the water in that time, The Titanic. Events escalate quickly in this novel as you read about the truly exciting events that take place after Simon locates these important documents. This is a story about time-travel that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss if you are a super huge fan of stories like this.

Complete Package

Be sure to check out these books in the series if you enjoyed what you read about them in our Time book series review as this is a story of nostalgia, passion, love, action, mystery, and adventure. All of these things packed together make these books number one best-sellers.

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